The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2)

Fantasy Romance
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What is The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2)

Read The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me (Book 2) novel written by the author Mary_Algen_Guiang1 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, magic, weaktostrong, transmigration, isekai. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WARNING: Mature Content. Winner of WPC #197 (Silver) The handmaiden's hurried footsteps can be heard in the hallway, followed by a loud slamming of the door. When we were finally left alone, Rin's calm voice can be heard, "I don't like that maid of yours, I will have to get you a new one within the week." I nodded, by this time I am used to having my handmaidens changed. He took the comb and started combing my hair, his dark eyes looking straight into my eyes, the sheer perfection of his face in contrast to my ever-plain-looking face. I looked away, I can't bear looking at it, it reminds me of the book that I'm in and how this is not a fairytale. He held me by the shoulders and asked in a cold voice, "Why do you look away? Is the idea of us still so intolerable for you?" I don't know how to answer him so I just nodded and bit my lower lip. He carried me to bed as he kissed my hair. Then, he laid me on the bed, his eyes boring through mine. "I hate that you are afraid of me, and that the idea of us is unacceptable to you. But right now, the only thing making you stay with me is fear of what I'd do if I lose you, I have no choice but to hold onto it. Forgive me Maru, I have no choice but to cherish the fear I have inflicted on you." He disrobed me, his calloused hands rough against my skin, feeling, touching, and leaving warmth where it landed. I winced every time his fingers land on a bruise, or on some of the fresh marks he placed there last night. "Do you want this?" he asked me as his fingers curled against my breasts, pinching one taut nipple after the other. I nodded, unable to deny under his skeptical gaze, I moaned in pleasure when his lips replaced his touch. His tongue licked on a pinkish bud and then sucked so very gently. "Tell me, any time you want me to stop, Maru. One word, that is all I need," he whispered and I blushed as I was reminded that I never stopped his assaults. I was powerless against my own needs, in the modern human world, it seems I am a submissive. And right here taking me in for another torturous night, is my dominant. I am married to Rin Saito, the most powerful monarch this world has ever seen, and I... I think I may have found my master in him. "Raise your hands for me, raise them above your head, and clasp them together," he whispered, his mouth barely an inch from my ear. I obliged, my body trembling from desire and fear combined, anticipating his next orders and feeling my body give in to his control. He took a silky rope he has been keeping on the drawers of the bedside table, and smiling, bounded up my wrists. "Tighter?" his sadistic smile made him a bit more benevolent in my eyes. I trembled from excitement as I nodded my head. He tightened my bind and leveled his head with mine, then he dipped his head, claiming my lips as I squirm helplessly against him. He opened my lips and slid his tongue inside my throat, my own saliva dripping down my neck. "Beautiful, my beautiful Maru," I heard him whisper as his hands continued to travel down, stroking and sliding gently down my skin until it reached my undergarments. "You shouldn't even bother with this, you know of my appetite. I told you not to wear them at night, my love, do you really want to be punished that badly?" I moaned, his lips curving in a proud smile. "I like it when you lose yourself in shameless pleasure. I like it when I can sully the princess and turn her into my queen," he claimed my lips more possessively.

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Author mary I love youuuu............. forever I love you............. not as a person, but as an author........... I'm a gay but!!!! I love youuuuu! keep writingggggggg


I'm happy you made a new book. I love the synopsis and characters. This is an interesting masterpiece, and like the rest of your books, will be a masterpiece.


Read her first book as one of my friends is an avid fan and recommended it to me! but after reading just few chapters! I became addicted! and now we bond over what is new with the author's works, be it updates or new books! We will always support you author, I have become your loyal fan!


OMG! I really love this story 😍 I can't stop reading. It's so fluffy, hot and funny at the same time. What a great work, I'll wait for another chapter.


I am excited that you decided to continue with a second book! i hope it does well or even better than the first. il look forward to following the story to where it takes us next!


big sis mary.... thank you for all the times you replied on my comments. and thank you for conversing with me like I'm worthy to be talk to. You will always be my big sis from Wattpad. I understand you need to earn a bit from your books so that you can validate your worth as an author. I fully support you wherever you go! I'll always simp for these trio but my bias is Paris 🤫


Your reverse harems are always a hit with me! Yes, hit me one more time with Paris, Rin, and Daisuke! I will not ask for more! thank you for the Book II! I'm an absolute fan!


silly mary Silly Mary silly mary Silly Marysilly mary Silly Mary silly mary Silly Mary ! ! ! We will always be here for you no matter what. Beautiful Disaster no matter how renamed will always be my favorite. trust in your stories a bit more. and trust in the people who loves you and your stories. your writing is phenomenal as it is. i downloaded the app for you. and thank you for writing a Book 2!


Wow. Another book of Author Mary. So, excited to read it. ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Author Mary. from Wattpad here with the squad, thank you for continuing the story! I can't get enough of your otome game narrative$ only you can ever write this way. your books are always spectacular!


author Mary! I'm glad you continued with a book 2! I can't get enough of Paris, Daisuke, and Rin! I can't wait to read the sweet routes and the sfw! thank you


Author Mary! it's me, from Wattpad. I'm one of your first readers. I want you to know that while it hurts that you deleted your book on Wattpad, I will always be supportive of your works. thank you for letting me know that you renamed the book and placed it here, and thank you for writing a Book 2!


I must say this, I fell in love with the author, like seriously this is a good story. It's really good to read and there's alot of cliffhangers which makes me excited for every chapter.


gosh one of the best novel I've ever read so far. I like how the author don't rush with the story but takes time and gives the best to let the readers enjoy it. Keep up the Good work, Author.


Really like the storyline; the way you delivered the story was just awesome. I hope i get to read such beautiful creations by you Ganbari tsudzukeru ~!~ Miss sana manalo ka talaga!!!!


Yaay a sequel. I really like this story I wonder what surprises will await for this one. It started with an interesting tempo. I am waiting to see what will be the mood in this part of the story.


your books are always top-notch! please update your other books too! I love your stories! keep writing! I downloaded the app for you, and yes, got your message on wattpad. so here I am!


got your message! thank you for letting me know about your new book. this is my first time downloading the app, and it's for you. let me support you mary, for you have become not just an author i want to idolize but. more importantly, a friend. it's hard to find writers as talented and as humble as you are. i don't know if you hear this a lot. but talking with you even just online always make me smile. thank you for sharing your exceptional stories with us and for reaching out to mere readers like us.


Mary thank you for your message. it's sad you have removed your books on wattpad but it doesn't mean I will stop supporting you okay. I downloaded this for you and will continue reading your beautiful books. thank you for always noticing my comments in your books before and most of all thank you for writing your stories! they are as beautiful as your soul is. i love all your books and will continue to love your future works as well. you will reach greater heights someday so keep on shining!


Hey, your message... how can you think your readers will hate you just because you removed your books on wattpad... more than being just readers, didn't you become our friend when you started replying to our comments and laughing about anime and stuff. don't think we won't lend our support just because of that... i downloaded together with others this new app. we will support you Mary no matter what.


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