Reviews of The Sacred Ruins


The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong

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Best novel here in Webnovel.com I advise you guys to read this, very interesting, very funny, very intriguing. Nice Translations, Good World Building, Good Character Design. I give a review of 5.0 Stars!! This review is for Explooooosion!!!


A member of Exploosion Sect promoting and reviewing one of the best novels here that could placed on the top 10. Translation Quality - 5 Stars Update Stability - 5 Stars Story Development - 5 Stars Character Design - 5 Stars World Building 5 - Stars


Don't mind the bad reviews without first reading the novel. TSR could be on top10 power rankings if you started reading it. Because of comments needed 140 Characters i sill just give all the review about 5 star did i just reached 140?


I've been reading the raws and me got curious about english version. The novel is my top 3 novel all time. .............................................................


Just read it. Don't judge the book by reading on the reviews without experiencing it. and Comments should not be less than 140 characters. That is all i want to say.


It's my first time hero on Qi. The first novel on qi that i read is TSR. My friend with a chunni with a usenamed Megumin_Explosion. I did not read TSR on Qi but on other pirated sites ?? told me to give this a review and read at the official site. That's all my review is all 5 stars.


In the first place, I personally love this novel so my review may be a lil warped. Ok so translation quality is in my opinion top notch such that the more immersed you are in the storyline there is no worry about translation quality ruining it. Update stability, I guess thats the only real problem i got since the quality of the translation is so good makes it feel as though there aren`t enough chapters (realistically though i know am being greedy lol). I love the story development absolutely realistic characters who make the novel that much better and overall engaging. As for the world building its one of the best i have seen crafted, personally its a wonderful novel with boundless potential(lets not even talk about Chu Feng, the Black Yak or for that matter or for that matter Yellow Ox). Engaging storyline and all in all fantastic read.


The only reason why this novel has such a bad rating is because the most liked reviews are from 5-6 months ago complaining about unstable release rates and bad translation, which has been great for the past couple of months. Please ignore those reviews and give it a try! Once you get past the beginning with some great world building which may be somewhat annoying for some of qidians younger readers (<14 years) you will find this story to be one of the best CN novels you've ever read. It's basically like the beginning of Swallowed Star with sentient beasts and a MUCH superior romance subplot! Also please do like a bunch of actual reviews so we can finally shove those outdated reviews on top into oblivion!


I have been following this story since its start and I fail to understand why it has 4.2 stars overall. The plot is wonderful and cultivation method is truly unique and mysterious. Given that's it's the most popular light novel in china it deserves 5 stars


Read till Ch520. Sacred Ruins just gets better with every passing chapter. Chu Feng has to be the most shameless and most likable protagonist ever. He does face-smacking like no one ever does. Here is one paragraph to describe him (from the novel) : "Before he use to sell Divine Son, hunted for Saintess, and sell deity meat. Now he does the looting but also collect the protection money. This fellow is simply a feudal bully, bandit and underworld gang chief, really... Rotten to the core, is top villain, big hoodlum!”


Haters can hate but this is a good translanation, also if you guys think it's so bad then you should try do some translanation and then make them accurate, stop complaining as you get to read some translanation for free, wow so many people are unappricative, you all need to pull the stick out and chill out. If you don't like it then go on some random form and troll not here where people come to read. This is one of the reasons people quit translations because of ungrateful people such as you all, so much hate, you need to go get some stress relief with your right hand or something because it doesn't need to be squirted here.


Amazing story, new ideas and ways that that differs from normal cultivation novel. Wonderful novel, with great story, power fights, figting realms, divine beast, lots of humber, and much more.


Love this novel. I am loving the whole snorting powder to evolve using pollen thing, really an ingenious method to grow stronger through the abuse of drugs. Wish it was more popular to have more chapters but alas it is not meant to be. This novel has a special place in my heart. To the left of the renal artery.


I have never read this novel before I started yesterday and finished today .....I was so taken in by it that I didn't sleep lol and I had a driving theory test today and aced it, still this is oneof the best novels out there I live the mc, and the place that it's based in, the cheekyness from the baddies and the live interests in his life, it's not like the normal novel where the mc just gets everything (harame, power op and a very cool ablity) I know the seeds help but not a lot as he needs the soil and even for that he must fight by keeping it secret or people may come get it. I hope it keeps being translated and at a faster rate, any way to donate money to this book ????? Also thnxs for translating this novel :)


The translator uses a wide range of vocabulary, which makes the story more fun to read. The translator chooses words that don't exist in the dictionary, words like yap ( supposed to be an animal) and stagger ( supposed to be a type of blade). Another bad thing about the translator is the update stability. All the translated works of Chen Dong failed because they didn't have fast and stable releases, and the Sacred Ruins is no exception as the updates are rather erratic.


Worth Reading! plot development is good and concise, all the character may not have a detailed background but can be considered stable and pivotal. Interesting point is how the world structure takes place specially how the author's use of diverse Historical Places not just the ones in MC home country


It’s amazing!!!!! Nuff said. Haha I need more chapters though since I can’t let them build up fast enough. All in all it’s a must read! P.S. I’m backing the phoenix king as love interest lol well I hope so anyway idk why but I like her.


Since I started reading Chinese translated novels, it's the first time I've seen this setup. At first I thought "are you kidding me", but now I WANT MORE.


Quite tough to judge this novel, its obvious that many things are lost in the translation, especially in the first chapters, when many important info, mainly about the world setting, are not well-fully presented. Having said that, the translation quality has improved a lot, its actually not bad now. Anyway the concept is really interesting and well written, the novel has assimilated most wuxia elements and used them in a "modern"-apocalyptic world. The world build has soooo much potential, there is humour, decent romantic relationships, ruthless-kind mc, actually almost everything. Its really sad that another great novel of chen dong is undermined, this one by the translation in the first chapters and perfect world by its slow beginning and "abrupt" change of mc's character.