After bringing my mother to the hospital for the second time this month, it seemed endless fight and struggles between working and taking care of her.

Though she may not be a perfect mother for me, we fight petty things, we have different principles in life but she's working hard for me, for my needs, she stands by me amidst difficulties being a single mom.

Everything is becoming difficult for me when I received my acceptance letter from the University of Oxford to start my college, of which they offered me a full scholarship grant.

The scholarship was awarded to me after I have completed my senior high school as Presidential Awardee for Academic Excellence with a 5.0 GPA.

My heart is breaking, seeing my classmates and my best friend Nicole going to college. Their parents are very supportive and they do not need to work to get around.

Two weeks after our graduation.

I received a call from the Chancellor's office in the Metropolitan College, the office where I have been working as the assistant student of Professor Jerry John Smithson, during my senior high years.

His office is not that big, his mahogany table is positioned at the center while another small table is assigned for me at the right side of the room.

Piles and piles of paperwork on my desktop, the white walls are fully decorated with a certificate of recognition, medals, awards, and his achievements as the longest Chancellor in Metropolitan College for 15 years.

He has been my confidant and father image to me.

He looks at me sternly, feeling devastated knowing that I will decline my scholarship grant for my mother.

"Miss Stern, I understand your situation at the moment that you declined your scholarship. Please do not lose hope... Do not give up on your dreams if you will have another chance in the future. But for now, I could only offer you the position as the assistant manager in my humbled Jerry's Junction. The salary may not be that big but it could at least help you manage the cost and expenses with you and your mother" my tears fall as the realization hits me.

I thank him for all his help during my struggles.

The struggles started 3 years ago when my mother collapsed at her job in the factory and rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with lung and liver cancer.

My mind is loaded with a lot of questions, I couldn't fathom how am I going to survive without any relatives to support me.

I run few kilometers from the hospital back to the school, in my favorite place, the best place in the Metro College where I could find peace, the library.

He found me crying at the library, listening to my worries and difficulties.

Right then and there, he offered me the position as his student assistant.

And I'm so glad that I accepted the offer, that until now I'm forever grateful that I have graduated my senior years with my persistence and hard work on my studies and as his assistant.

"Calling Lady Violet Rose back to earth!?!" a hand is waving in front of me, Nichole's voice echoes at the empty Junction at 7 in the morning.

"Oh, sorry about that Miss Nicole Samantha Williams!" flashing my smirk as she keeps giggling.

"Ya know that I will be leaving by Friday right? Can't you please spare some room for me inside your head? Ya have to be there at the house tonight for my farewell party! You know can't have a party without you around!" her eyes brimmed with tears thinking that her best friend will be leaving soon.

"Of course! I will not miss your farewell party. You are the only bestie that I will ever have."

She quickly stood up from the wooden chair of the junction and rushed herself towards me, hugging me.

It's been 3 days that we discussed the party since my mother just got out of the hospital.

My schedule is just too hectic that I couldn't even have a space for myself.

Then suddenly the glass doors of the junction opened.

A young man, well-built, around my age, brown hair, around 182cm, with a dark complexion, approached and greeted Eleanor at the counter "Good morning! Do you have some pickled meats or smoked sausages and green salad?"

"Bestie? Are you alright?" she turned around, followed my eyes, and said "Hey, you should stop drooling at your customer's ma'am!" she glared her eyes at me.

"No, I'm not! Guess, I'm still not used to seeing new faces of visitors coming in, in their country's mode of fashion."

Then I heard his strong articulate voice, "How could this possible that Smithson Village has only one restaurant and does not offer any pickled meats or smoked sausages?! Can I speak to your manager please?!"

Nicole and I, almost vomit our coffee at the red flag alert.

It's the first time that I have ever meet a customer, who's persistent on the food that he wanted.

I could feel his arrogance from head to toe.

"Hey, bestie! Guess, I need to go. See you later at 7! Good luck!" she gave me a power hug before she left me.

"Hello, Sir! Good morning! How can I help you?" I flashed my most desirable fake smile, the fake smile that never was turned down by anyone.

"Yes, Can I talk to your manager, please! I'm already hungry, I need some great food for my breakfast!" his face is red in anger.

"You are talking to the manager, Sir!" I extend my hand for a shake and he boisterously laughing.

"Are you kidding me, Miss? How could a manager be as young as you?"

"Sir, I would like to apologize if you can't find the food that you wanted in our restaurant. I'm sorry but you do not have any right to insult me in my manager's uniform!" my fake smile didn't work for the first time.

"We have the menu provided at the cashier, those are the only food and cuisine that we could offer you. I guess, as a traveler, you should have known the availability of food, types of restaurant and facilities that a small village like Smithson Village, could offer?" trying my best to control my high pitch voice.

Then the glass doors opened again, two armed men in black attire, approached him like giving him some protection.

He whispered something to them and they walked towards the table at the right side of the entryway.

"Alright then, I would like to order your most ordered, most famous dishes that your restaurant could offer, give me 3 of them! I only have 30 minutes to wait" he ordered authoritatively, his blue ocean eyes spark like electricity, so hot!

He turned to the cashier and handed his debit card to Eleanor.

I quickly rushed to the kitchen, helping the cook to prepare the order for the most arrogant customer in Jerry's Junction for my year of service!

[Who the h*** is he?!?]

We are preparing our special 12-inch pancake recipe, with egg omelet, garnish with Jerry's special sauce, tinder and juicy crispy duck strips, fresh cherry tomatoes, matchsticks cucumber and spring onion, the most famous whole roasted herb chicken, overnight marinated in a special Jerry's sweet, warm, pungent flavor from herbs and spices, with some lemon and special sauce and a kick of spicy tang of chili, with sweet potatoes and celery.

"Glad your early today, James! Let's show our arrogant visitor, what Jerry's Junction could offer!" he just flashed his snappy smile, rolling his sleeves, took the marinated chicken, rubbing the herbs and spices to it and add the sweet potatoes and celery, take it in and tap the 20 minutes timer.

My hands are shaking, feeling edgy, overseeing the senior cook, who's been in the restaurant for two decades.

He never talks when he's inside the kitchen, he does things professionally and very systematically.

On the other side, Molly is now preparing three serving plate, side dishes, and sauces for the ordered meal while a huge skillet pan readied for the pancake recipe, the pre-cook duck legs go to the microwave oven for few minutes before stripping the meat, to complete the crispy pancake duck recipe.

Molly is a jolly person, she likes to talk, opposite to James's character.

She is the assistant cook for the morning schedule while two others will be on the second shift, of which our peak schedule, dinner time.

As my timer stopped at 30 minutes, the meal for three servings is ready to be served.

I called in, our two waiters for the morning shift, who waited on the counter for the orders.

I'm so glad that arrogant customer came in after our morning regular patrons.

I walked out from the kitchen with the two waiters, skillfully bringing huge trays towards the table of our three on the right corner of the junction.

The arrogant guy's forehead wrinkled, eyebrows brought together, frowning with displeasure.

"Hello, Sir! Your order is ready" giving him my best fake smile, claiming victory with the frown all over his face.

"Miss Manager, this is too much! How could you not tell me that each order is enough for a family? You are messing up my morning!" he glared his eyes full of disgust.

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir but you are very clear with your orders earlier. These are the most ordered and most famous meals that we could serve you, Sir!" flashing a real sweet smile of delight.

He stood up from his seat and approached me, "Aw, thank you Miss Manager!" he moves closer and whispered, "Now, give me your best coffee... or you will regret the day that you were born!"

"Oh, I did regret it, Sir! Your coffee is coming" rolled my eyes, balled my fist, holding myself to give him a kick in his gut.

[Oh, God! It's still morning yet I'm annoyed over the top!] I muttered inwardly.

"Eleanor, please take our customer's additional Jerry's special coffee order!" walking back to the kitchen, to the coffee station, for the additional order.

And I felt relieved after everything are served, they have eaten the meal with gusto.

Then, they left the junction without any other complaints and I'm breathing again.

"Miss Violet!" the waiter called out, running inside my small office, handed me a small note, handwritten.


To: Miss Manager

The food is great and I apologize for the miscommunication. Please take the leftover food, the two whole chickens for you and the crew. Do not worry we never touched it.

I hope that the $500 tip is enough for everyone for the inconvenience.

Vaughn Nikolai


Then suddenly my phone buzz and vibrated in my pocket.

"Hello? Yes, this is her! What?!? Yes, I'm coming!"

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