THE ROYAL SWITCH: Lady Violet Rose Book

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THE ROYAL SWITCH: Lady Violet Rose


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She took the envelope from her black leather jacket’s pocket and a handwritten name in front of it. To: Amelia Stern De Fuller Violet's hands shaking as she opens the envelope and reads the letter. Dear Aunt Amelia, As you read this letter, probably I’m already dead. Please take Lady Violet Rose with you to Castle Quest. She needs her real family. Please do the rightful thing for me. I’m so sorry for everything. Love, Amanda Stern The letter is like a bombshell exploding in front of her, the secret behind the physical features is that she never had any resemblance with the mother that she had for 19 years. She hopes to shed light on her real identity, the hope of her dream of having a family, a loving and caring family that she never had, the missing pieces of her existence that Amanda failed to provide. But who is Amelia Stern De Fuller? And where is Castle Quest? Who is my real family? Authors Message: Hello Lovely Readers! Thank you for taking this quest with me and with our beloved Lady Violet Rose. Let’s collect the pieces of the puzzle of her life together from the beginning until the end of her journey. Let’s all dig in with the chapters of drama, romance, her enemies, her struggles, and her family. Happy Reading! Love, L_stellaluna


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