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The Royal Mark


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[Warning: Mature Content, R18+] Born with a mark that was never intended… Gifted with intelligence and skills far more advanced than her peers. Elsa Morgan didn’t experience the normal childhood that everyone had. Always been haunted by her nightmares and by unexplainable events since she was young. Elsa became a doctor to find answers. Destined to bear sufferings and do what is right for his people… Chris Jorgensen was bound to the woman he had not met yet and marked without knowing what he had done. In order to lead his kingdom to glory and victory, he must find her first no matter what it takes, even if it means crossing the other world. Two worlds apart that defy what is the norm in their worlds. Brought together by the invisible tie that binds them together. Or is it true love that defies all reasons? When accidents turn out to be fate in disguise, will they be able to reject the strong pull towards the person who turned their whole world and everything they worked hard for upside down? ******** “What the hell! I told you not to move!” Elsa shouted while running back to the man, who lifted his head and smirked at her. Elsa screamed when the naked man abruptly pulled her onto his lap and started sniffing her all over her body, especially on her chest, hair, and neck. She heard her dogs growl and come closer to the man but quickly calmed down when he gave them a quick glance, and it absolutely surprised her. “What are you doing!” Elsa pushed the naked man on the chest for she could feel him hard down there and it was making her really uncomfortable. “Your smell… Mmm… Lavender and blueberry… God, you smell divine…” The man casually said before burying his face in her neck and sniffing her hard. “You pervert!” With all her strength, Elsa pushed him once again and slapped him so hard that she also hurt her palm, making his head turn to the side on impact. She briskly stood up and shouted, “Nile, tackle! Girls guard!” In a swift move, Nile jumped to the naked man tackling and pushing him to the ground while Ciel, Gaia, and Nuri surrounded him, not removing their gaze from him while growling and showing their sharp teeth and fangs. But then a more powerful force is pulling her eyes beyond the man’s buff chest and deep in her mind she convinced herself that she would do this because she is a doctor and he is her patient– an injured patient, she reminded herself. She would look at him only to see the extent of his injuries and nothing more. She is a doctor… A licensed professional for God’s sake! ‘How can I buckle him up if it’s on the way of the strap? Should I move it to the side?’ Elsa was having a battle in her head ultimately muddled about whether she would touch it or not. From the way he looks, she is sure that he is heavy and she must use the straps properly to be able to securely drag him to her car for both their safety. ******** Chris pretended to be sleeping while he let himself heal, or so he thought. The sedative took a while to have an effect on him. But eventually, he dozed off and was unconscious for real this time. He opened his eyes and saw white walls and someone was holding his right hand. He sat up and saw the red-haired woman’s hand on top of his while her wrist was glowing. Chris’ eyes widened, he held his shoulder and shook her up, “Wake up! There’s a glowing mark on your wrist!” But no matter how hard he wakes her up, she’s not opening her eyes. “You are mine, Elsa. And I am yours.” Chris moved his face closer to hers and planted a soft gentle kiss on her lips. “Whoever you are, Elsa, I will protect you. Even if it’s from the man that you call Dad.” Chris whispered as if someone would hear him. Completed Book: CEO's Contract Obsession ******** This book is currently on Hiatus due to the Author's medical condition. Please check CH234 or CH264 for more details.