43 Chapter 42 - Level J Final Exam Begins

Today was the 27th of June, 2116, the day of the big exam. And I had a kinda bad feeling about it. I was on my way to the Academy right now, I had just arrived in the X-Warrior Zone and was in a bus heading for the Academy. I was in one of the two teams of five, the four that I was teamed up with were Seila Khan, Mitchell Jones, Lin Yang and Katie Cummins.

I didn't know who the Ace in charge of us was yet though. I had tried contacting my sister to see if she knew about it, but I got no reply, so she was probably out on a Mission. I got off the bus as it arrived at the Academy and headed inside, before making my way to Training Hall 06. As I entered and shut the door behind me, I saw that everyone else was already here.


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