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Patent and Execution of Plans

@ Ministry patent office

A woman named Fanta is soundly sleeping at her desk, all the windows and other things are dusty,

Valerius "It seems that this department is not well maintained"

Minerva "Yes, I think Fleamont Potter made the last patent on Speakeasy's Hair Potion a few decades ago"

Valerius "So that's the case"

Minerva "Even though this is not correct, because, the patent office is not affiliated to the Ministry of Magic but to the International Confederation of Wizards, any patent is directly under the ICW, so no one can register the same on any other ministry"

Valerius "Then Headmaster Dumbledore is responsible for this department here?"

Minerva "Yes, but don't worry I bought the letter of the Supreme Mugwump so that all procedures will be short"

Valerius "All thanks to you Deputy Headmistress"

Minerva smiled and moved on with the procedures

Valerius submitted two papers,

One: Fax machine

Two: Network frequency that connects the networks between fax machines of the same network.

No one can use these two technology for the next 200 years.

The patent has been filed and no one can access this technology for the next 200 years.

To recreate this technology, they must have a good amount of knowledge of Alchemy, Arithmancy, and techniques of Magical frequency

No other than Nicolas Flamel, and Valerius is skilled in Alchemy to decipher this one new technology

It will be hard even for Dumbledore to study this.

Valerius returns to Hogwarts,

Soon there was going to be Christmas break, and while everyone was thinking about what to do for Christmas,

Valerius has already planned his holiday things,

To set up a manufacturing unit and sell fax machines. Meeting with the Alliance people Setting up an orphanage for Magical children who are abandoned and raising them with the values of Alliance Wizards and training them with mind arts and other basic wizard needs.

After the academic day,

Before the Christmas days,

#(Cecilia, Nott, Avery) reference code 3S

Valerius taught 3S how to defend any spell properly and also taught 4 spells.

Petrificus Totalus




Valerius "You should have this one in practice at your homes, daily practice is important"

Avery "Thanks Val"

Cecilia "How about coming to the Black manor to celebrate Christmas?"

Nott "Really?"

Valerius "I don't think I can, since I would like to celebrate with my sister"

Cecilia "You have a sister? Val you never told me about your sister!"

Valerius "She is the only blood relative I have after my Gramps"

Nott "What's her name, Val?"

Valerius "Carla Alaire Grindelwald"

Cecilia "Carla huh?"

Valerius "Yes, she is my treasured little sister"

Avery "I am an only child, I wouldn't know, how it is to have a sibling"

Nott "Having a brother or sister has its advantages and disadvantages"

Valerius "See you guys later, I have to write some letters and have some meetings to attend, practice spells, and practice alone makes anything perfect."

Valerius left the training grounds and went to his dorms and wrote 3 letters,

First one:

To Gellert Grindelwald

Getting a patent on the fax machine and needed investments for the same and wanted a useful person in the Ministry of Magic in Britain to become the puppet of Grindelwald.


To German minister Wentwell Vogel

Requesting to send some useful assassins to Magical Britain to kill Dolores Jane Umbridge, senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic under Minister Cornelius Fudge, I will be coming to Germany soon for a business proposal.


To Lionel Rosier

Make the Magic of Brazil move towards improvement in the new tech, make them buy the new Fax machine I am going to release in the market soon.

@ The Great Hall

Adrian "Val, I got some gossip that, you filed a patent is it true?"

Valerius "Yes Adrian, I have been working on Arithmancy and Alchemy for a long time now, so I wanted something new to the world, for the greater good"

Adrian "You something else Valerius, good in academics, Quidditch, now you are filing a patent, you achieve so much"

Valerius "There is a lot yet to achieve Adrian, believe me you have just seen the tip of the iceberg"

Adrian "OK Val, I will come to the point, I don't like to celebrate Christmas while all the Gryffindor are eager in the celebration, I don't have anyone to celebrate with"

Valerius stood up, placed his hands on Adrian, and instructed him to walk with him

Valerius and Adrian reached the letter posting area.

Valerius "I am here for you Adrian, so don't make any excuses, you should come to my manor for this Christmas leave, I will be traveling to Germany, France, and America for some business meetings, you will be coming with me to Adrian"

Adrian was excited "I will come, Val"

Valerius "Good, prepare your stuff for the train later on"

Adrian "OK"

Valerius "Celeste!"

An owl came in front of Valerius, it suddenly caught blue flames. Immediately transfiguration occurred.

Adrian "What the?"

Valerius "Celeste, deliver these letters"

After getting the letters in her claws,

She vanished in azure flames.

Adrian "What was that?"

Valerius "My bonded Phoenix"

Adrian "I thought, Dumbledore was the only one to possess the Phoenix and command them"

Valerius "That is true according to the general public, I am a possessor of Phoenix too, but never say this to any, even my Slytherin never knew this one"

Adrian was happy that he knew one of Valerius's secrets.

Next morning,

The Daily Prophet:


11-year-old Valerius Alaire Grindelwald patented a new magical device for the next 200 years.

An enchanted box that can send and receive letters without an owl,

The new magical enchanted box will save a lot of time for wizards all over the globe.

The Cursed Prince named it The Fax Machine.

The patent contains a wide range of Arithmancy and alchemy equations which is not taught at Hogwarts.

How did a first-year student have done this?

Everyone questions the same.

Does the cursed prince have an answer for that?


Other Slytherin and Hogwarts professors were furious about the article published in the Daily Prophet.

Minerva "How dare Rita Seeker"

Albus "Don't worry, even I have the same doubt, most of the alchemy books are in the restricted section, I couldn't see a way Valerius achieved it, the knowledge to make that device is so complicated that, even I the headmaster is having hard time decipher it"

Minerva "But he explained to me how the device functions, and everything about it"

Albus "Could you understand the first time he spoke?"

Minerva "No, I understood the 4th time, when he told me about the basics of Alchemy"

Albus "Exactly, there are not a lot of them, who are capable of understanding this difficult subject"

Minerva "I recommend talking with him alone, perhaps he will lead you to a satisfying answer"

Albus "From tomorrow we are having holidays, so it is wise to talk tonight"

Minerva "Good Night"

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