173 The End of the Nkrumah Family (2)

The draconic wings, which he aptly named the 'Azure Wings,' flapped on his back as Marcius dove down into the deeper parts of the Flavic forest.

He had activated his Soul Devouring King physique the moment he entered the woods. And Marcius was immediately alerted of the many souls presented among the various parts of the Flavic forest.

And Marcius swiftly headed toward where two of the largest soul signatures were currently located. The two souls trembled violently to his senses, and it signified that the owners of those two souls were currently in a fight and releasing large amounts of energy.

And in no time, Marcius was upon a fairly massive and destructive battlefield. The numerous tall trees that surrounded the area were cut down as collateral and the many bushes were burned, creating a small clearing around the two individuals that were currently fighting.


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