The Revenant King of Rubrum Book

novel - Fantasy

The Revenant King of Rubrum


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There were two souls. One was assiduous with an unyielding will. One was effortlessly cunning with wisdom beyond many. And now, they are one. The universe will pray. *** *** *** Marcius Aemilia was killed during a duel because his opponent cheated by using a vicious poison. Fortunately, he was resurrected by an outer god with an agenda. Agreeing to be the god's agent within his homeland, Marcius was now back with a vengeance and dedication to save his family and clan from their unjustified demise. But wait. He was not alone. Along with Marcius, came the soul of Joseph Redwoods, who had read all the future events of Marcius's world from the pages of a novel. So, what do you get when you combine the souls of a vengeful heir and a cunning geek? Chaos, mayhem, disaster and good old ass-kicking. *** *** ***


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