LUO YAN went straight to the Moonriver Restaurant after he left the Class Bureau.  He arrived at a three-story building.  Its architecture was similar to those big restaurants built during those ancient dynasties.  The sign of the restaurant was written in a beautiful calligraphy.  It seemed to be quite popular because of the amount of customer inside.  

As usual, once he entered a building full of people, he immediately became the center of attention.  Although he didn't really mind people looking at him, but too much was still kind of annoying.  He's not some kind of exhibit displayed inside a museum after all.  

Well, he could only blame himself for being too beautiful.  It didn't help that this game actually made him look magical, adding more to his charm.  Ah, being beautiful could be truly hard sometimes.

An NPC waiter walked up to him.  "Dear customer, are you here to eat?  We currently don't have any free seat at the first floor.  But if you're willing to wait, I'm sure a table would be freed soon.  Or are you willing to open a private box at the second or third floor?  Of course that would cost a bit more crystal coins."

Well, this NPC sure know how to sale talk.  "No.  My friend opened a box here.  His name is [SHEN]."

"Then please let me check first." A screen appeared in front of the NPC.  "I see the name of your friend.  He opened a box at the third floor.  Please, follow me dear customer."

The NPC walked towards the stairs and Luo Yan followed.  Arriving at the third floor, he noticed that the box here was much bigger compared to the second floor.  He judged it by the distance of each box' door to one another.  The NPC led him to the third box.  When the NPC opened the door, Luo Yan saw Shen Ji Yun sitting inside.  He was no longer wearing his mask that covered up the lower half of his handsome face.  

Even if he was just sitting there, there was still a cold atmosphere surrounding him.  As if he always carried his own personal air conditioner around him.  He raised his head and looked at the opened door.  His blue eyes were as cold as ice glaciers.  Luo Yan didn't know if it was just his imagination, but when Shen Ji Yun's gaze landed on him, those ice glaciers seemed to melt. 

"Sorry, have you been waiting long?" he said, sitting at the opposite side of Shen Ji Yun.  "I only just finished my class application task, you see."

"It's alright," Shen Ji Yun said.  Although he's not really the most patient person, for some reason, in this situation, he didn't really mind the wait.  He probably wouldn't even mind if he had to stay here for another hour or two.  "Did it go well, your task?"

"Yes, I passed with flying colors," Luo Yan answered proudly with a big grin on his face.  

Shen Ji Yun stared at the big smile on the rabbit's face.  He'd already seen it earlier, but the effect on him was still not lessened.  Because it was such a nice smile, as if the sunshine just poured down on whoever saw it.  Though he truly wondered why he thought that.  Bai Ze always smiled at him but he just thought he looked foolish.  So what was it with this rabbit that was so different?  

Of course, Luo Yan was unaware of Shen Ji Yun's little struggle.  He was looking around the box.  It was indeed big, almost the size of two normal rooms.  The design inside was simple but exquisite, showing that this was not indeed a cheap room.  

"Dear customers, are you ready to order?" the NPC waiter asked.  

Luo Yan turned, he almost forgot that this NPC was still here.

"Do you have any particular food you like?  This restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisines.  But if you're in mind for something different, we could go someplace else," Shen Ji Yun said.

"No, it's okay.  There's no need to be so troublesome," Luo Yan said, who would have thought that this overly cold-looking guy was actually quite thoughtful?  "And we can just order anything.  I'm not really picky with my food.  You can just order whatever."

Being poor in his last life, he didn't really have the luxury to be picky with his food.  Although right now, because this body stayed in coma for seven years, he still needed to follow a strict diet.  But this was VR.  He could eat all the food he wanted without worrying about the consequences.  He actually long wanted to try the food in the game.  But so far, he and Luo Jin hadn't had the chance to do that.  

Hearing that he wasn't picky with his food, Shen Ji Yun was actually a bit surprised.  Remembering how this rabbit was so thin and small in real life, he thought that it was because of lack of nutrition.  Seeing that his family seemed to be quite well-off, he just automatically assumed that it was because he was picky with his food.

So, did that mean that his small stature was something he was just born into?  Well, Shen Ji Yun must admit that it was quite suited for the rabbit.  Like some small, cute, fluffy animal.

He turned to the NPC.  "We're ready to order."

A screen appeared in front of Shen Ji Yun.  The list of menu was inside.  He picked a couple of dishes.  Once he's done, he needed to input his game account name to pay for what he ordered.  After that, the dished he ordered immediately appeared on the table.    

"Then please enjoy your food," said the NPC before bowing and leaving the room.

Luo Yan was quite amazed by how the food just suddenly appeared like that.  But well, everything here was just a bunch of data.  So conjuring this much food in a blink of an eye shouldn't really be that surprising. 

The two then started eating.  

Luo Yan first took a piece of spring roll.  The moment he bit it, his eyes slightly widened.  Because it not only tasted real, it was also extremely delicious. It immediately picked up his appetite.  Without him noticing, he started to eat the food one after the other.  

Shen Ji Yun couldn't help but stare at Luo Yan.  He was eating in such a lively manner.  He looked like he was truly enjoying his food.  Shen Ji Yun's lips curved up slightly, showing a small smile.   

  Seeing the rabbit enjoying his food, he couldn't help but also want to eat more.   

Luo Yan looked up at that moment and saw the small smile that appeared on Shen Ji Yun's face.  It's only a slight curving of lips but considering how this guy seemed to have facial paralysis, it was already quite noticeable. 

"Brother Ji Yun should smile more often.  It's such a waste not to.  Since you have such a handsome face," Luo Yan said, giving an off-handed compliment.  

Shen Ji Yun didn't answer and just looked down, as if he was concentrating on eating.

Luo Yan didn't mind.  He shrugged and just focused his attention back to eating.

But if he bothered to look at Shen Ji Yun much closely, then he would see that his ear tips and neck were now both as red as a ripe tomato.  And in his mind, all he could think of was;

[The rabbit just called me handsome…]

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