"AH JIN, let's go shop first before grinding levels," Luo Yan suggested when they walked out of the General Store.  They're at the part of the town where all the shops were located.  So it's convenient to go shop now before they went to kill monsters.

"I don't mind, but do you have crystal coins?" Luo Jin asked.  

He bought crystal coins when he was still at his Origin Village.  He needed to buy because he had to use those red potions.  He had his own bank account with a hefty amount of money deposited in it so it was easy for him to buy those crystal coins.  But how about his second brother?  He hadn't heard their father giving Luo Yan access to his bank account.

Luo Yan grinned at him.  "Dad and Brother bought me a lot of crystal coins.  You don't know but I'm actually a rich game tyrant right now."

Luo Jin was amused by this.  "Where did you learn that term?"

"In the internet," Luo Yan said which was partly true since he did learn that term in the internet during his last life.

"You better not be watching weird stuff."

Luo Yan tilted his head to the side and acted all innocent.  "What weird stuff?"

"You know, something inappropriate."

Luo Yan blinked his big blue eyes surrounded by long white eyelashes.  "What does Ah Jin consider as inappropriate?"

"You know, those--" Luo Jin stopped, how could he tell his second brother about those things?  It might make him want to search about it.  "Anyway!  Let's just go and shop."  He turned around and walked.

Luo Yan chuckled.  It's really fun teasing this younger brother.  "Ah Jin, wait!  You're walking in the wrong direction!" he called.

Luo Jin stopped and looked at him.  His small face blushing red with embarrassment.  "Then don't just stand there, show the way!"

"Yes, yes."  

He walked beside Luo Jin and guided him towards the shop he wanted to go to.

"Are we going to the Weapon's Shop?" Luo Jin asked.

"I think it's more convenient if we buy weapons once we have our own class.  That way we could directly buy a high grade weapon suited for the class we've chosen," Luo Yan said.  "But if Ah Jin wanted to buy a weapon now, I don't mind."

"No, you're right."  Luo Jin could still use the weapon he bought at his Origin Village, so he currently didn't need a new weapon.  "Then where are we going?"

"There," Luo Yan answered, pointing at a building in his right.

They both stopped walking and Luo Jin turned to the direction his brother pointed.  What he saw was a three-storey building with a sign 'Costume Shop'.

"Costume Shop?  We're going to buy costumes?" Luo Jin said a bit incredulously.

"Hey, Ah Jin, don't judge.  A lot of costumes have better stats than armors.  Aside from the fact that they're lighter, they're even prettier to look at.  Not like most tacky looking armors," Luo Yan said indignantly.

Most people who bought costumes were rich players or at least those who had abilities to earn crystal coins in-game.  Because if you really want a costume that's better than the usual armor, then you need a lot of crystal coins.  They're expensive.  Those that were cheap didn't really do much on a player's stats.  If you're a serious player and you chose costumes instead of armors, then it's better to buy the expensive ones.

Luo Jin - who was already getting used to his second brother's abundant knowledge of this game - once again heard the word 'pretty' from his brother's mouth.  "So you just want to look pretty?  But you really don't need it though."

Luo Jin said the last one almost like a whisper but Luo Yan still heard it.  He smiled brightly at his brother.  "I know I already look pretty but there's no harm done in looking better."

Luo Jin raised one of his thin eyebrows.  "Aren't you being a little too narcissistic?"

Luo Yan only smiled at his brother.  He could admit that he really was a bit of a narcissist.  He always uplift himself growing up.  Because there wasn't anyone around him to do it.  It's his own way to gain confidence.  Being an orphan, he's surrounded by people who only wanted to put him down.  So why wouldn't he even praise himself?  Before he knew it, it already became a habit.  A habit he obviously brought back in this life.

"Let's go inside," he just said.

They entered the Costume Shop.  The inside was almost similar to a boutique.  There were fewer players inside compared to the General Store but the both of them still attracted attention.

Luo Yan glanced at the prices displayed under the hanging clothes.  They were cheap.  So the expensive ones were probably at the second and third floors.

"Ah Jin, let's go to the third floor," he said.

Luo Jin nodded and followed.  

Unlike the first floor, the clothes in the third floor were inside a crystal case instead of racks.  There were also fewer clothes here in comparison.  Luo Yan looked around and his eyes shone when he saw a particular costume.  He walked in front of it.  There's a title below the case - 'Boy in Wonderland'.  It's a complete set of clothes with matching hats and shoes.

"Ah Jin, come, this one will definitely suit you."

Luo Jin walked beside his brother and looked at the costume.  His brows scrunched up when he saw it.  "You want me to wear that?"

"What's wrong with it?  It's cute.  Or do you prefer that?" Luo Yan said pointing at a white sailor uniform.  "Or that?" he added pointing to a cat overall.  "If you want that, then it's fine, I'll buy it for you.  I just didn't know that Ah Jin has that kind of hobby--"

"Stop!  Fine, I'll wear this," Luo Jin said referring to the original costume his brother wanted him to wear.  Of course, he didn't forget to glare at Luo Yan.

Just then, an NPC walked towards them.  "Dear customers, do you need any help?"

"Yes, I want to buy this," Luo Yan said.

"Understood," replied the NPC.

Then, much similar to what happened at the General Store, a window appeared asking him to type his game account name.

"Wait- I'll pay for it," Luo Jin said since he's the one who's going to wear it.

"It's my treat.  Let brother pay for it," Luo Yan said immediately typing his game account name before Luo Jin could reject him.  

After the transaction, the costume disappeared inside the crystal case and it appeared floating in front of Luo Yan.  

He turned to the NPC.  "Is there a way to equip this automatically?"

"The customer only need to touch it and a pop up window will appear asking if you want to equip it," the NPC answered.

"Ah Jin, touch it now," Luo Yan excitedly hurried Luo Jin.

Luo Jin frowned but still touched the floating clothes.  Then as the NPC said, a pop up window appeared asking him if he wanted to equip the 'Boy in Wonderland' costume series.  He clicked 'yes'.  He was suddenly surrounded by light and the next thing he knew, he was already wearing the costume.

Luo Yan stared at his brother, his blue eyes shining.  Luo Jin was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a blue bow tie.  It was tucked under a blue shorts with black suspender.  He had black shoes and knee-length white socks.  He was also wearing a black gatsby hat.  In short, he was absolutely adorable!

Luo Yan took that time to take a couple of screen shots.  He would send it later to his WeChat account and then show it to his father and brother.  They would definitely love it.  

After that, he no longer resisted and hugged his brother up.  "Ah Jin, you're so cute!"

Luo Jin immediately blushed.  "Put me down!"


A lone figure wearing all black walked out of one of the teleportation portal in Olkdale Town.  He was tall and lean.  His black hair was a little bit messy.  A broadsword was strapped behind his back.  His race appeared to be human. 

The lower half of his face was covered by a black mask.  But despite that, anyone could readily tell that the guy was handsome.  Maybe because of his cold temperament.  As if no one was allowed to enter his personal space.  There's only one thing that could be seen clearly on his face. 

A pair of blue eyes.

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