26 The Wen Couple

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Looking at Wen Xi's exhausted figure, Wen Liang raised his hand and grabbed Xiao Ping's hand. He stopped Xiao Ping from calling out to Wen Xi in time and said, "I know what you want to say, but it's not a good time to stimulate Xixi now. Let's talk about it later in the room and let her rest first."

As Wen Liang spoke, he gave Xiao Ping a look to calm her down. After he had appeased Xiao Ping, he stepped forward and caught up with Wen Xi. He still had to cook a night's worth of hangover soup for his daughter. Otherwise, she would be uncomfortable when she woke up tomorrow.

Xiao Ping clenched the hand that Wen Liang had just clasped and took a deep breath to suppress the complicated emotions in her heart. She looked at the untouched cake on the table, her mind in a mess.

She did not expect that Wen Xi would come back today and suddenly mention about her divorce with Chen Ze.

Something must have happened that was serious enough to make Xixi have the idea of giving up on him. Xiao Ping could not imagine what kind of thing could have such a great influence, nor could she imagine what could make Xixi so sad.

Wen Xi was her and Wen Liang's only daughter. She had been doting on Xixi ever since young. However, divorcing Chen Ze was a big deal. How could she accept it so easily?

As the Chen family's only legitimate son, Chen Ze was the son-in-law that all the wealthy families in City A wanted as long as they had daughters! For many rich ladies, this was something that they could only hope for, not to mention Xiao Ping, a woman who was not even a rich lady!

She did not want Wen Xi and Chen Ze to get a divorce. However, as soon as she thought of her daughter's pained and sad expression just now, Xiao Ping forcefully suppressed this thought.

Wen Liang didn't understand the entanglement in his wife's heart. He took care of Wen Xi and helped her drink a bowl of hangover soup. He gently pulled up the thin quilt onto his daughter and then quietly left her room.

"Wen Liang! Even if you dote on your daughter, there should be a limit to everything. You become too soft-hearted whenever you see Xixi cry. Where's your sense as a father? She just said that she wanted to divorce Chen Ze, and you really want her to do it? This is Xixi's marriage, not some trivial family matter! Can't you consider things properly first?"

Xiao Ping couldn't say these words in front of Wen Xi just now. Now that there were only the two of them in the master bedroom, she could finally say it. She felt sorry for her daughter and didn't want to continue attacking her. However, she was very angry in front of her husband who doted too much on Wen Xi.

Looking at Wen Liang's silence, as if he was thinking about something, Xiao Ping couldn't bear the anger in her chest anymore. She opened her mouth and continued, "What kind of family is the Chen family? How would they let Xixi get a divorce so easily? You're just adding to the trouble by going along with her plan. Which new couple hasn't had conflicts before? There's even an old saying that goes, 'I'd rather tear down ten temples than ruin a marriage', but you're just so impatient to see Xixi and Chen Ze to be apart, aren't you? If Xixi really divorces Chen Ze, are you going to take care of her for the rest of her life?"

"I want to take care of Xixi for the rest of her life, so what? It's not like I can't afford it." Wen Liang finally couldn't bear to listen any longer and spoke angrily. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at Xiao Ping with a deep expression. He sighed deeply before continuing, "Am I the only one who feels sorry for Xixi? Don't you feel bad for your own daughter? If you're going to vent your anger on me now, then why didn't you just scold that bastard Chen Ze earlier? I won't talk about the times when we couldn't even meet him. But just take the few times he came to our house as an example. In which of his visits did that bastard not put on a cold face? Our Xixi is his wife, not his servant."

"He's acting so presumptuously because he knows Xixi likes him! Do you think that the Chen family is easy to get along with? There's a lot of problems behind this. If you really love Xixi, then listen to me. Let Xixi and Chen Ze get a divorce. Can't you see her pain and suffering? You're her mother, and you should support her instead of making things more difficult for her."

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