The Reincarnated Doctor Wants a Divorce Book

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The Reincarnated Doctor Wants a Divorce

One Silver Needle

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After witnessing her husband having an affair, Wen Xi was killed in a car accident but reincarnated as a medical intern who married Shen Ze, a professor in medical science. Shen Ze's family was a dynasty of doctors, whereas Wen Xi was just a daughter from an average family. Everyone at the hospital insisted that Shen Ze was too good for her—why would a youth as popular as him marry a plain Jane like her? In her past life, Wen Xi would relentlessly follow Shen Ze around, giving everything from flowers to chocolate for three years... but he never accepted her affection. In fact, they married because he got drunk one time, and they had a fumble. His family just happened to be urging her to get married, so he decided to marry her because she had a good personality and was understanding. However, a little over a year later, Wen Xi saw the divorce agreement he left for her, and when she went looking for him to demand a reason, she found him with another woman in his car. When she saw how affectionate Shen Ze was with her, Wen Xi realized that he always had someone he loved... and she happened to die as she tried to cross the road, and her baby died with her! Fortunately, the gods gave her a second chance, reincarnating her ten months after they had just married. Originally, she would discover that she was pregnant two months later, but Wen Xi did not want to fall back on the same timeline. She would concede her position to the object of his affections. She refused to be cannon fodder again.


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