2 I Will Leave On My Own

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It was 12 o'clock at night. As Chen Ze was a director, work at the hospital had been very complicated for him recently, so he hadn't been home for several days in a row.

On the other hand, Wen Xi was only a resident doctor in the same hospital, and she didn't have a night shift, so she could naturally go home to rest.

Therefore, there was only Wen Xi staying on the villa's entire second floor.

She got up and slowly walked into the bathroom.

Looking at herself in the mirror, who had been crying like a ghost, Wen Xi suddenly laughed again. She was laughing like she had gone insane.

Lowering her proud head, Wen Xi used her hands to support her weak body. She shook her head and tears fell like rain as she murmured, "Wen Xi! Are you satisfied now? Do you understand now? He, Chen Ze, has never loved you. In his eyes, you're just a dispensable person! The one he loves is Bai Lin, the only woman in his heart. It has nothing to do with you! Stop being so delusional, you idiot who has only been wishing and hoping!"

Wen Xi cried as she looked up at herself in the mirror. She was so embarrassed that she didn't even want to look at herself. Her eyes were red, and something was growing in them.

She was fed up with her past self and had enough of the person she couldn't get. She wanted to live for herself again.

It was as if this was the only way she wouldn't have to live so depressingly anymore.

Chen Ze will never belong to her. This was a fact her father had told her a long time ago. However, she was deeply in love with Chen Ze back then. How could she have listened to her father's advice?

As Wen Xi thought of this, a lot of regret and pain slowly emerged in her heart. She had cried enough. She looked up at her haggard state in the mirror and wiped the tear streaks on her face.

At that moment, she heard familiar footsteps coming to the bedroom from outside the bathroom.

It was Chen Ze! He was back!

She stopped herself from going out and clenched her hands into fists with a cold expression on her delicate face.

Seeing that the only light in the bedroom was from the bathroom, Chen Ze looked away indifferently. He naturally knew that Wen Xi was inside, but if it weren't for the fact that all his personal clothes were kept in this bedroom, he would not have even thought of coming in!

Just the thought of Wen Xi rushing out to meet him made Chen Ze's brows furrow slightly. He hugged his clothes and turned around to leave, but the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Chen Ze quickly took out his phone. When he saw who was calling, the frown on his face eased a little. After taking a look at the quiet bathroom, he slid his hand and opened the door.

"Hey, I'm here!"

Wen Xi's slender and long fingers were on the sink as she listened to Chen Ze walk out of the room. There was no movement on her body, and she did not even turn her face. Just like that, she let him leave the room freely.

She made up her mind. She didn't want to care about this man anymore.

However, when she heard Chen Ze's obviously softened voice when he picked up the phone, Wen Xi could not help but laugh sarcastically. She had never heard such gentle and firm words from him before.

However, things already changed and Wen Xi felt determination she never had before. It was time for her and Chen Ze to end it.

It was very easy to break things off. As long as Wen Xi accumulated enough disappointment from him, it would turn out smoothly.

After the sound of Chen Ze's footsteps disappeared outside the door, Wen Xi slowly walked out of the bathroom. She glanced at the time on the bedside table and picked up her phone from the side of the bed.

It was almost one o'clock in the morning. In fact, Wen Xi knew that this was definitely not a good time to call her parents or send them a message, but at this moment, she really wanted to hear their voices.

She wanted to eat Wen Liang's signature red braised pork and also wanted to listen to her mother's nagging again. She thought about how she had quarreled with Wen Liang over Chen Ze's matter two days before her car accident in her previous life and felt a sense of sadness in her heart that was difficult to suppress.

However, in the next second, she firmly told herself that it was all in the past. From now on, she would put all her care and concern she had for Chen Ze on someone else who was more worthy; Her father who had always been trying to persuade her, and Yan Chen who always disliked Chen Ze!

After looking at her phone for a long time, Wen Xi only sent Wen Liang a message, saying that she would come home for dinner after work tomorrow. She also specifically asked for her father's signature braised pork.

Afterward, she took another look at the time on her phone and calculated the current time for Yan Chen over in country F. In the end, she decided to let it go. It should currently be morning over there, and Yan Chen wouldn't be awake for class yet at this time. There was still a long way to go in the future. Therefore, she should just take it one step at a time and get back on track.

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