29 First Meeting

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After exchanging shifts with the doctor on the night shift yesterday, Wen Xi took her notebook and was about to go for a ward round.

Li Yu, who was standing not far away from her, asked curiously after seeing the new book in her hand, "You change your notebooks very often, huh? I remember that you just changed to another one not long ago. How did you fill it up so quickly?"

When Wen Xi heard this, she turned around and looked at him with a smile. She replied indifferently, "Who said I filled it up? Anyways, I'm going for my ward rounds."

Li Yu nodded at Wen Xi, indicating that he understood. He then put down the medical record in his hand and glanced at Ding Min, who was still dawdling in the changing room. He slowly felt a little displeased.

He thought about how Ding Min and Wen Xi were the youngest resident doctors in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, but there was a huge difference between them!

Ding Min's professional knowledge was not as good as Wen Xi's. She only knew how to cause trouble all day long and make things difficult for others. Today was even worse. Not only was she late, but she also hid in the changing room and did not come out. She did not even attend the morning and night shift handovers. She was getting more and more outrageous.

His brows furrowed slightly at the thought of this. Ding Min was a very annoying person, and he did not want to waste his breath on her. Someone else in the department should be able to 'cure' her soon.

Wen Xi, who had left the office first, didn't know what Li Yu was thinking. She squeezed the new book in her hand, her face expressionless, her eyes a little gloomy.

She walked with extremely fast steps. She was not running away from anything, but it was just a professional habit as a doctor. After all, for a doctor, time was life and could not be wasted.

When she passed by Chen Ze's office door, she even walked faster. But even so, she still could not escape his eagle eyes, who was staring at the door.

"Dr. Wen, can you come in for a moment? I have something to discuss with you."

Chen Ze's deep and indifferent voice came from the office. Wen Xi's steps paused for a moment. She turned to look at him and replied in an indifferent voice, "I'm in a hurry to do my ward rounds. We'll talk later!"

As she said that, she did not wait for his reply and immediately walked away.

He did not expect to be coldly rejected once again. His expression was a little dissatisfied as he looked at her back as she left.

Chen Ze's sudden appearance ruined Wen Xi's originally good mood. She maintained a polite smile on her face all the way, and finally finished her ward rounds half an hour later.

This routine inspection of the patients was something the doctors had to repeat every day. Most of the time, it was boring, but it was also a job that could not be avoided.

When Wen Xi came out of the last ward, she was still recording the patient's recovery in her notebook with a pen in her hand. Her work was very detailed and rigorous, which was what Chen Ze had praised before.

At the thought that she still had to re-bandage the patient in bed 11, she quickly put away the pen and paper in her hand. She casually tidied her hair that had been messed up by the wind. At that moment, her sharp intuition told her that someone was watching her from the elevator entrance!

She was about to turn her head to look, but in the next second, her attention was attracted by a sudden quarrel in the corridor.

The bright sunshine that came in from the window gently fell on her white coat, as if it was covering her with a layer of holy light. The breeze in the morning of June kissed her hair and clothes tenderly. She was like an angel that had fallen to Earth.

When Si Yan first saw Wen Xi, he couldn't help but praise her. He deeply remembered this scene in his mind.

At this moment, she didn't know that the man who had just stood at the elevator and stared at her would have so many interactions and entanglements with her for the rest of her life. In her field of vision, a few men were blocking a young nurse in the corridor, their faces extremely fierce and their mouths were still cursing.

"F*ck your mother! Didn't your hospital use the same excuse yesterday? Our Big Brother has been in this lousy ward for almost a week, but your hospital hasn't even come up with a damn treatment! Are you playing with us?"

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