The Queen of Rifts

Lea was a doll created by humans, the only survivor of a super-secret project, and the only one with the power of the mysterious rifts. It robbed her of dreams, emotions, and also her death. In the year 2050, the first intergalactic gate opened. Humans saw it as a ray of hope and tried to uncover its secrets. Fifty years later, the same research opened a rift in space, causing monsters to pour out of the splits and attack humanity. An apocalypse occurred as a result of this, throwing the world into chaos. Humans gained new powers but also lost control easily. These special humans were called 'Sentinels'. The only way to get a Sentinel under control was through inhibitors or 'Guides'. But the fragile Guides could not survive for long and died early on. In response, humanity developed advanced technology to fight against these rifts and regain their lost planet. When the world was at its most desperate, an orphan of unknown origins was chosen to become a soldier to protect them all. However, the project was closed just when it reached its completion stages and the world lost it's most powerful guide. Two hundred years later, humanity was still at war with the ‘rift’ trying to live and reclaim their lost planet. And their only hope was the academy they established to train their future generations. Lea, unable to die or uncover the secrets of her birth, decided to join the academy and fight for her future. But letting go of the past would soon become a problem, especially with the powers of the rift clashing with her humanity. Having no human morals or limiters, Lea's only goal is to find herself. [Cover image will be replaced soon] ___________________________ Tags: Yuri, Intelligent Mc - Shameless Mc - Scheming Mc(Later on) - Smut - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Legal Loli - Succubus - Elf - Angel - Vampire - Cat Girls - Dragon Girls - Fox Girls - Monster Girls - Slaves - Milf - Princess - Beautiful - YANDERE - Seinen - Mature - R18 - 18 - Sex Stories - Beastality - Hentai - NSFW - Pregnancy - Incest - Domination Play - Controlling Emotions - Corrupting Righteous Characters - Gore - Transmigration - Mana - Devil - Demon - Necromancer - Death - Dungeon - Evolution - Threesome ___________________________

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Ch 10: Did you kill her? [pt2]

Commander Arnold panicked as he watched Lea shake her hand and try to dislodge Emily's fangs from around her hand. But the more she tried to get Emily to let go, the tighter Emily gripped around Lea's hand.

"Commander, I did not do anything. Can't you see that the one in trouble is 'Me' and not 'Emily'? Hurry and help me before Emily sucks me dry."

Lea pleaded with the commander for help. However, the commander was conflicted and needed to figure out whom to help. 

Common sense dedicated him to helping Lea out. But his instincts and judgment said not to participate in this situation.

"Lea, I will ask you last time. What are you doing here with Emily Forget, and why are your fingers in Emily's mouth?"

Commander Arnold asked, and Lea knew that fun times were over. She brushed up against Emily's throat with her fingers, causing Emily to shiver and let out a small moan.

Had Emily been conscious of her actions, she would have blushed and thought over what she did to get here. But since her actions were out of her control, Emily had no idea what she was doing.

She followed Lea's fingers, even when she pulled her hand back. Emily looked as if she was hungry for Lea's fingers.

"Hey! Are you not feeling awkward to be in that position? Get yourself in order. Your behavior is disgraceful. Can't you see that you are in a public setting? You are breaking the etiquette of this place."

Commander Arnold raged as he watched the scene in front of him. He wanted to look away, but his eyes refused to stare out from the blood-soaked location before him.

"You are a pervert. At least look away from Emily's face if you want to look at her. I am sure she would feel embarrassed once she regained consciousness."

Lea reminded Commander Arnold, and he immediately looked away from the scene. Shame finally caught up with him, and the commander buried his face in his hand.

"Ugh, I get it. I am not the pervert here. How dare you accuse me of doing such a thing? I will let you know that I am the most decent person you can ever meet. And hey! Stop trying to distract me from what I am saying!"

Commander Arnold raged when he noticed what Lea was trying to do. Emily's unconscious mind decided that she did not like Commander Arnold's tone. She wanted to attack him, but Lea stopped her in time.

Commander Arnold was startled by Lea's attack and fell on his ass. 

"Get her under control. Get her under control right now, or else."

Commander Arnold tried to get his mind back into order. He feared Emily and her family. In the end, Lea sighed and pulled Lea back. It was going to be a long day.


Lea brought Emily back with her to the commanding center. Emily did not want to let go of Lea since her mind was floating. The bubbly feeling she was currently experiencing was akin to being drugged.

She threw all her weight on top of Lea's body.

The people in the command center were used to seeing some ridiculous sights. So, seeing someone act like a dog was not a new thing.

The one who commented on this was Sara. Jealousy colored her tone when she pointed toward Emily's body.

"Lea, I thought you wanted to talk to someone. How did it end up with you getting a dog?"

Sara asked as she looked at Lea and Emily. She wanted to be the one who was warped around Lea right now. But her dignity would not allow Sara to make such a move openly.

"Aww, don't be jealous of Sara. You are one of my best friends, and I won't abandon you just because I have a new person to have fun with."

Lea assured Sara, purposely misinterpreting what she said. Sara made a frustrated noise, knowing that Lea was playing with her.

"This was not what I…you know what? Forget it. There is no point in saying anything to you anyway."

Sara sighed and waited for the following order.

Commander Arnold entered the room before Lea could open her mouth and respond more ridiculously. He looked at the pair before him and coughed to hide his awkwardness.

"You both! It's time for you to head out into the rift and check up on the trade routes. I will make excuses for your absence for the next few days. So, make your preparations now. Sara, you stay behind for now. I need you to talk to you. Lea, will you bring your new…friend with you?"

Commander Arnold asked. Sara was also curious about it and looked at Lea for her answer.

"Emily is not herself right now. I will tend to her today and meet you all tomorrow. Now bye. I will meet you tomorrow early in the morning."

Lea made her escape as soon as she could. Everyone shook their head as they watched Lea flee. Sara had the most painful expression to date and wanted to follow Lea out.

But Commander Arnold had made a motion to grab Sara's attention.

"Sara, I hope you will not forget why you accompany Lea into the open rift. Your only task is to keep an eye on Lea. Do you understand me?"

Commander Arnold asked while turning around Sara. It was a way to intimidate Sara and to get her cooperation. But Sara only sighed and rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah, I understand. I will keep an eye on Lea and give you all the feedback. Do you want me to eliminate Lea outside the rift, too?"

Sara asked in a joking manner. But Commander Arnold seemed to be seriously contemplating this development.

'Oi! I might have offered to do it, but that does not mean I can harm Lea. You better not give me any ridiculous mission like that!'

Sara tried to convey her worry in her eyes. And thankfully, Commander Arnold was intelligent and resourceful enough to get what Sara did not say.

He might have been put in charge of Lea, but he was still answerable to his higher-ups. And those people at the top knew Lea's importance as a weapon.

"No, there is no need to make any ridiculous move like this now. Lea is an asset for now, so we will keep her alive. I will tell you when you can pull the trigger on her."

Commander Arnold always needed to have the final word. Even now, he pretended he was in control of Lea's life and flicked his hair back.

Sara held her reactions back, knowing that Commander Arnold would take issue if he felt offended.

'Sigh, this job would have been so much easier if I had not caught feelings for Lea. Now, this feels less like a job and more like torture.'


Lea placed Emily's unconscious body back on the bed. Emily refused to let go of Lea's hand and held it closer. 

Emily even pulled Lea's body closer until she was lying back on the bed.

The hospital room door slammed open, and the Forger family doctor ran inside. She looked tired and huffed as hard as her petite body allowed.

"Y-You! You found Lady Emily! Thank God. Now, are you here to take responsibility? It is your fault that Lady Forger is in this condition. I will not allow you to leave until you agree to help me."

The doctor refused to let Lea move. With the doctor's insistence and Emily's tight grip on her hand, Lea knew she was not going anywhere. 

"I am here to help Emily out, so don't worry. But can you give us a little bit more time with each other? I need to get her opinion about what she wants to do-"

"Opinion? There will be no opinion here. You will bind yourself to Lady Emily and follow her will. You do not have an option."

The doctor did not expect Emily to be the one to attack her. Emily's subconscious mind was getting triggered by loud noises made by the doctor. So, she decided to attack the doctor with her sharp claws. 

The extra energy clutching Emily's claws bounced off the walls and scratched the doctor's cheeks. Emily would have continued her assault had Lea not stopped her. But the doctor was still not safe from Emily's attack. 

"Hurry up and run if you want to save your life. I don't know how long I can hold Emily back for."

Lea warned, and the doctor fled for her life. The only reason Lea decided not to help the doctor was because the doctor was getting annoying. Sara's attack on the doctor had made Lea chuckle.

But as much fun as this was, it was time to break Sara out of her daze and back into reality.

"Sara, time to wake up. You have caused too much trouble for me, and I need you to wake up now."

Sara finally rubbed her eyes and woke up. This time, her eyes were more aware of them.