The Queen of Rifts Book

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The Queen of Rifts


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Lea was a doll created by humans, the only survivor of a super-secret project, and the only one with the power of the mysterious rifts. It robbed her of dreams, emotions, and also her death. In the year 2050, the first intergalactic gate opened. Humans saw it as a ray of hope and tried to uncover its secrets. Fifty years later, the same research opened a rift in space, causing monsters to pour out of the splits and attack humanity. An apocalypse occurred as a result of this, throwing the world into chaos. Humans gained new powers but also lost control easily. These special humans were called 'Sentinels'. The only way to get a Sentinel under control was through inhibitors or 'Guides'. But the fragile Guides could not survive for long and died early on. In response, humanity developed advanced technology to fight against these rifts and regain their lost planet. When the world was at its most desperate, an orphan of unknown origins was chosen to become a soldier to protect them all. However, the project was closed just when it reached its completion stages and the world lost it's most powerful guide. Two hundred years later, humanity was still at war with the ‘rift’ trying to live and reclaim their lost planet. And their only hope was the academy they established to train their future generations. Lea, unable to die or uncover the secrets of her birth, decided to join the academy and fight for her future. But letting go of the past would soon become a problem, especially with the powers of the rift clashing with her humanity. Having no human morals or limiters, Lea's only goal is to find herself. [Cover image will be replaced soon] ___________________________ Tags: Yuri, Intelligent Mc - Shameless Mc - Scheming Mc(Later on) - Smut - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Legal Loli - Succubus - Elf - Angel - Vampire - Cat Girls - Dragon Girls - Fox Girls - Monster Girls - Slaves - Milf - Princess - Beautiful - YANDERE - Seinen - Mature - R18 - 18 - Sex Stories - Beastality - Hentai - NSFW - Pregnancy - Incest - Domination Play - Controlling Emotions - Corrupting Righteous Characters - Gore - Transmigration - Mana - Devil - Demon - Necromancer - Death - Dungeon - Evolution - Threesome ___________________________