The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!? Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!?


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Kaylee looks like any other normal, beautiful 25-year old woman. But she has two big secrets: 1) She is a famous pianist 2) She is currently undercover at her old college as an 18-year-old BOY!? Just as she was getting used to her double life, she realised she was falling in love with her handsome young professor. Isn't her life complicated enough? Apparently not, because this professor has a secret identity that will shock her! Betrothed at a young age to a girl he has never met, young professor Declan Black has been waiting to meet her for years. But he finds himself drawn to a young male student at his college! And it is even stranger that this male student is not who he seems to be...but what about his fiancee whom he has never met? Will these two star-crossed lovers ever find out each other's secret identity? Or will more secrets just make their love impossible? *** Second Identity series: My Only Love: The Targeted Heiress (complete) ~ new The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover (complete) Ice Prince: Rewrite the star (new) Watch Out, Dad! Mom's Here To Kill You! (coming soon) The Heir's Beloved Is Not A Human (coming soon) The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!? And other like 'Elementalist: Time Controller' *** If you wish to talk to me, feel free to follow my IG @vorstinstory or join my discord https://discord.gg/a7ypnYw7TF


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