The Primordial Record

Rowan Kuranes awoke in a new world inside the body of a dying prince. His new body contains terrifying secrets that he has to protect, for inside him lies the key to Eternity. He alone possesses the bloodline of The Ouroboros Serpents with authority over Time. He had Dominion over Sheol, and every soul would be his to keep. He lords over the Host of the Highest Heavens to the Abyssal Horde of the Deepest Hells. Rowan must learn to harness his new abilities and fight against his enemies who would stop at nothing to deprive him of his powers. Yet he must strive to keep a portion of his humanity alive, as he continuously evolves beyond godhood. A/N: There are horror elements, including Eldritch Horror from Lovecraft. A fan of blood-borne and abominable horrors that go bump in the night would love it. Epic action set pieces, and galaxy-wide battles, with an extremely overpowered MC who is a one-man army. https://discord.gg/UVvSCCMnCU Check out my discord. All future giveaways, fan art, and other fun stuff will be posted there. Thank you

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912 Chs

The Laughter Of The Gods

Powerful members of the Noble houses, especially those under the Ancestor's direct bloodline began to feed the poor sections of their families to themselves. The case of Circe that would have shocked Trion a few months ago became nothing special.

Life had no meaning in Trion except for the pursuit of power. The true face of the world was revealed to be nothing but a jar filled with poisonous insects all meant to devour each other, so a Poison King could be born.

In this case, the end goal was to become an Earth god, no one wanted to fight the Holy War where the gods themselves would wage a war against Mages and Demons and be pushed to the sidelines.