The Play-Toy Of Three Lycan Kings

Maya, an omega, has been a victim of bullying since she turned sixteen and was found out to be without the wolf gene or trait. Her chief tormentors were the three sons of the Lycan King who ruled over the entire werewolf regions, taking into captive colonies that defied his order. After being set up by a jealous classmate, Maya is beaten and left for dead at the borders of their pack by the king’s three sons, who told the pack that she had been captured by some rogues. Maya is saved by a witch who adopted and drilled her on the ways of the ancient magic and sorcery, whilst encouraging and preparing her for a huge revenge plan which threatens to upset the balance of the world and unleash the great threads of darkness seven years later when she returns to her previous pack to perpetrate justice on her tormentors. She comes at a crossroads when she discovers her true heritage and that her mate was the biggest bully there ever was, Adam Brekans, eldest son of the lycan king. What happens now? Would Maya continue on her quest for revenge? Or would she submit to the threads of love so that peace could reign?

nuvvy10 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
192 Chs

History Class

A snap of fingers right at my left ear drew me up-I was sucked into a vacuum, away from the bleak rainforest-from my dreams, into the slightly furious eyes of a blue eyed professor.

"Sleeping in class on your first day??"

A repeat of the sentence scrawled past his parched lips which informed me that his voice had been what had interrupted the dream.

I wasn't sure if I should be grateful for that or not.

On one hand, I had been cut off from being plagued by those wraiths, and on the other hand, I wasn't sure if I had learnt something new.


wait a minute!

I pushed my body up to sit upright on the chair, as I found out that I could remember the dream very clearly. Had this being the purpose for its repetition? For remembrance?

"Professor, I think a blast of magic on her cheeks would wake her up faster than a snap of your fingers."

I knew that voice. Rachel. There were a few bouts of laughter at her suggestion.