The Play-Toy Of Three Lycan Kings

Author: nuvvy10
Fantasy Romance
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  • 221 Chs
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What is The Play-Toy Of Three Lycan Kings

Read ‘The Play-Toy Of Three Lycan Kings’ Online for Free, written by the author nuvvy10, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Maya, an omega, has been a victim of bullying since she turned sixteen and was found out to be without the wolf gene or ...


Maya, an omega, has been a victim of bullying since she turned sixteen and was found out to be without the wolf gene or trait. Her chief tormentors were the three sons of the Lycan King who ruled over the entire werewolf regions, taking into captive colonies that defied his order. After being set up by a jealous classmate, Maya is beaten and left for dead at the borders of their pack by the king’s three sons, who told the pack that she had been captured by some rogues. Maya is saved by a witch who adopted and drilled her on the ways of the ancient magic and sorcery, whilst encouraging and preparing her for a huge revenge plan which threatens to upset the balance of the world and unleash the great threads of darkness seven years later when she returns to her previous pack to perpetrate justice on her tormentors. She comes at a crossroads when she discovers her true heritage and that her mate was the biggest bully there ever was, Adam Brekans, eldest son of the lycan king. What happens now? Would Maya continue on her quest for revenge? Or would she submit to the threads of love so that peace could reign?

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Another good one from author Nuvvy! Can’t wait to see Maya get on her high horse of revenge already!


More updates pls author Nuvvy. Humbly waiting🙂


I’m already hooked with Maya’s Character. I’m hanging on this ride🫠


Written in the first person?? This would be interesting.


Just like the author to keep us hanging by our seats. I hope there are not much side characters though


Characters are well defined, and relatable. Storyline is beautiful, yet mysterious. But I’m not surprised of course. Hahaha


Maya should be stronger pls! She seems to be besotted with Adam still. Nice book though author


Author really love mystery books. Haha. Another thriller✅


I really love the books from Author Nuvvy. They are always captivating and not easy to put down.


Another attention grabber! I love it! Can’t wait to see the path Maya takes.


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