Im gonna be honest, I dont know where any of my stories are going, Its all been off the dome as I go. I am absolutely clueless on what to write about, thats why I have not been updating.

I have decided to start writing again, but I've gone rusty. I will try to continue this story as I write another(to practice on my writing) story.

As for ideas on where to go from this point on, please tell me them. Im blanking.

The other story I was gonna start was gonna be set in the witcher universe with an oc witcher school.(Scorpion)

In the months that I've been gone, I've finally decided to commit to playing the wild hunt, and I've beaten it only twice, along with the dlc's on the 2nd play through. Im really entranced with the world and characters(Triss in particular). I've read the witcher story on here which has something like 460 chapters(read it in a day and a half, really really good translation for a Chinese story, highly recommend checking it out.)

The only problem is….I know almost nothing of the story before Witcher 3. I plan on reading the books to get a general understanding of before and after.

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