The Orb of Worlds without Limits: Alice in Borderland Book

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The Orb of Worlds without Limits: Alice in Borderland


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Jacob, a young man burdened by tragedy and adversity, discovers a magical orb in his darkest moment of despair. This discovery sets off a chain of events that will lead him to uncover unimaginable things and embark on a perilous journey filled with dangers and revelations. After experiencing an unjust betrayal, Jacob finds himself immersed in despair and darkness. But one day, while wandering through the forgotten corners of his tiny world, he stumbles upon a mysterious glowing orb that emanates supernatural energy. Known as "The Orb of Worlds without Limits," the orb grants Jacob the ability to travel to different worlds and unlocks unknown knowledge within him. In his quest to uncover the truth behind the orb and his own purpose, Jacob encounters a truth he never could have expected. Throughout his travels, Jacob will experience otherworldly encounters and learn to appreciate his own existence in ways he never thought possible. [Make your choice!] "[... World A: The Hunger Games Difficulty level: 3 ... World B: Apollo 18 Difficulty level: 4 ... World C: Blood Red Sky Difficulty level: 3 ... World D: Sweet Home Difficulty level: 5