The Omnistore System Book

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The Omnistore System


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Discord link :- https://discord.gg/kJZhhcQmyQ join for character artworks 350 Power Stones a week: 2 chapter (With an increase of 70, 1 more chapter) 180 golden tickets a month: 4 extra chapters (With an increase of 50, 1 more chapter) Chapter released per day: 2 * * * * *ZZZr Zzrz Zzrzzr* However, an additional source disturbed his sleep, filling the room with a buzzing sound. The boy furrowed his brows in annoyance, his eyes still closed. He searched his surroundings and discovered a glass-like slab. With closed eyes, he slid his finger across it and placed it near his ear. "Hello..." he mumbled in his drowsy voice, which carried a hint of depth. "Hey, Pissed-up Prat, where are you?" a voice laced with disdain emanated from the slab. The boy, referred to as the "Pissed-up Prat" by the irritating female voice, recognized it as a voice he heard frequently but couldn't recall its owner. With his eyes still closed, he inquired, "Who is this?" "What do you mean, 'who is this'? Wake up, come home, or eat shit for breakfast if you prefer!" the voice behind the transparent slab retorted before falling silent. The boy, still not fully awakened, gazed at the half-opened glass slab with a mixture of confusion and surprise. As his eyes darted around the room, he became increasingly shocked. As he recollected the fragmented memories from the night before he lost consciousness, his gaze fell upon the entrance of the shop. Once old and damp, it now bore a different appearance. While not transformed into a luxurious space, it had undergone improvements compared to its previously dilapidated state. The shop took on a rectangular shape, with one longer side adorned with wooden shelves intricately patterned. Rows of empty glass jars lined these shelves. On the opposite side, there was another wooden shelf, also displaying empty jars. Towards the beginning of the counter, where the boy had been sleeping, there stood a peculiar machine. Confusion etched across his face, he murmured to himself, "Whose shop is this?" In response to his question, a mechanical voice resonated in his mind. [The Omnistore belongs to you, host.]


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