Surviving in my Own Unpublished Failed Novel Book

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Surviving in my Own Unpublished Failed Novel


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[This is your usual story where System, Towers, Constellations, Gods and Demons, and Dungeons exist altogether.] *** A truly introverted man, who was heavily suffering from Social Anxiety in his previous life, reincarnated inside his own novel, which he unfortunately did not manage to publish. Untouched Elements? Check. Facing the reality that he was now inside the novel he had written in his leisure time, he never expected that there were too many unknowns compared to what he knew. "Why did I write it this way?" Russell Moon lamented. Progressing to live the life of being an introvert, Russell Moon was then being thrust into the mysteries behind his reincarnation. — It was something he never wanted to unveil, to begin with. *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: [THIS STORY WOULD GO ON INDEFINITE HIATUS] Thank you for my loyal readers, and I'm sure to come back not just to continue this story, but with a new one that's thoroughly planned before publishing. ^_^ *** [DISCLAIMER: This novel is exclusively published in this platform under the Author Name: False_Architect, and has no bearing with other platform, thus, in any case you see my novel in other webnovel websites, please kindly report it or notify me. Thank you in advance!]


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