2 Her past...

Around 1 o'clock Everlyn reached home.She was hesitating to enter in the house.She moved swiftly and silently into the living room and found her foster mother sitting on the chair with her eyes closed.Finding it a golden opportunity to clean herself before she woke ,she headed towards the bathroom but stopped when heard her name. It was her mom who was calling her and now she had to face her. Everlyn was sure that her condition would only hurt her mom.

"Everlyn !!!!! Come here!!, " her foster mom was calling.

"Coming in a minute " and Everlyn hurriedly washed her face and set her clothes and went to her mom. Her foster mom Ms.Catherine was a sweet lady and took good care of her but as she was old now was unable to do any household chores and earn money.

As Everlyn stood in front of her with her head down her mom looked at her with pain in her eyes and asked her to sit near her. Everlyn sat on the ground near her.

"How was the day?" Ms.Catherine asked her.Though she got an idea by looking at her but to make her feel good she asked.

Eve closed her eyes for a second and swallowed the lump in her throat and replied ,"It..it... was...okaaay. I was just trying to help an old man and fell in the mud. There is nothing to worry about ,I'm okay. Leave these things mom now tell me about your day? Did you miss me". Eve tried to make the situation less tensed and smiled at her and put her head on the lap of her mom.

"Everything will be fine Eve just leave it to universe." Ms. Catherine replied while caressing her hair.These words of her mom made her cry but she wiped the tears fast.

"Now get up and clean yourself, you have to go to your job in the evening and don't forget to eat something" Ms.Catherine said and thought that now the time had came to give her that thing she was waiting for 20 years and now her eyes were sparkling while thinking.

"Yess mom" Eve replied with a low voice. She stood and moved to her room. While heading to her room she was thinking that even her foster mom hadn't remember her birthday. As she entered her small room having a cupboard in one corner and a single bad adjacent to it. She opened the cupboard and took out a baggy t shirt and pajamas.Then went to the bathroom for shower.After shower she looked in the mirror and thought that nobody loved her as she had average looks with height of 5'6 and a thin body with no curves . She hate herself as nobody likes her. She even had crush on the cool guy of the college but he rarely knew that she also exists in his class.

Eve came out of her thoughts and tied her hair in a messy bun and now her stomach was also aching as she was hungry since morning. She decided to make something for her hungry stomach. She went to kitchen and found all the drawers empty as she forget to take groceries from the store and now her salary was about to finish as the month was coming to an end. Luckily she found some tomatoes in the basket and decided to make tomato soup.

While preparing her soup she started thinking about her childhood that how Ms Catherine took her to her home when she was only 5 year old and loved her a lot .Ms Catherine used to live alone in her house as her husband died and to reduce her loneliness she took Everlyn whose parents died in an car accident. She found herself touched to Everlyn from the first day she saw her and decided to live rest of her life by taking care of her. In her thought process the soup had cooked and then she took out two bowls ,one for mom and the other for herself. She put the soup in the bowls and went to her mom because she knew she also hadn't eaten anything except the toast she prepared in the morning. She put the bowl on the table. Ms Catherine was reading a novel. She looked at Everlyn with a smile.

"I have made soup, i'll bring the vegetables in the evening while returning from the work" Everlyn said with a slight smile.

"Thanku sweety!!!,now you should take rest you must be tired". Ms Catherine said while taking the bowl.

Everlyn went to her room with her soup and finished it. Now she was feeling better after a long tired day. It was 4 o'clock in the evening and now she had only 2 hours to give her body some rest and had to go to her job and started staring at the ceiling and within a minute her eyes slowly got closed....

Everlyn's sleep was disturbed by her alarm which she set before taking nap. She turned off the alarm and checked the time. It was 6 o'clock. She was feeling fresh after a long nap. She got up and took out her not so trendy ordinary clothes. She wore normal high shirt with black jeans followed by open hair and apply little lotion on her face. She grabbed her bag and phone and reached to the restaurant.

Then she entered to it and without wasting a minute got indulged in her work . She started taking orders from different tables one by one. One rude man in his 40s called Everlyn and asked for his order.

"For me a 'veg Penne Arabiata',one garlic bread and cold coffee" the man said.

"Sure sir" Everlyn noted his order and moved inside. After 15 minutes she came with his order and was walking nervously towards the man who was staring at her with rude face.But when she was about to reach to the table suddenly someone moved his chair making her fell on the ground and the man whose order she was carrying started shouting.

"Manager!! Manager! where is the staff? look at this silly girl. Are you guys giving this type of service. I'm not gonna come in this restaurant again"

"Sorry sir, This will not happen again we will arrange the another food for you. Everlyn now get up and say sorry to him" The manager scolded her angrily.

Everlyn apologised to the man and the manager called him in his office.

This was really ridiculous Everlyn. I am not going to tolerate this shit anymore. You did this once in every month but now i will not give you any chance. Before she said a word the manager threw the money on her face and shouted to leave the place immediately.

Everlyn's eyes got filled with tears and she collected her money while weeping and shivering. She went out of the place and now she found herself hopeless. She didn't know how she would find a new job. Now so many strange thoughts came to her mind. She decided to end her life.There is no other option. But before this she had last work to do....

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