The Nerd in parallel world Book

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The Nerd in parallel world


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Everlyn, a 21-year-old girl was the best example of being born without fate. Everything she did or even thought about ever only harmed her in return. From getting bullied to being an orphan was her identity. A big list of phobias ran behind her. Her batchmates crowned her as the most coward girl to ever exist in this world. Her crush thought of her as the most pathetic girl who wouldn't fight back for her rights. But one fateful night of her 21st birthday, everything changed for her. She was transferred to a parallel world, where she was the bravest soldier ever born. She turned opposite and all her enemies were now her subordinates. What happens when the nerd turned fighter is supposed to protect this new world from everything which she has and who will steal her heart? what will she choose -love or nation? Will she be able to know the reality of the queen of the new world ? how will she uncover the mysteries and magic of this new world?