Chapter 125, What's the Big Deal in Killing Someone_1

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Wu Heng picked up the letter and glanced at its contents again.

The first half introduced the situation in Black Stone Town, while the latter half appeared to probe a bit more personally.

Damn, Slyther isn't trying to test me, is he?

Uh… then again, if it was Slyther on the other end, it probably wouldn't be too bad for me.

He carefully folded the letter and set it aside.

Then he continued to the second letter.

The handwriting of the second letter was much cruder — clearly, Captain Autruck had written it.

It mainly talked about events happening in the town.

And he also confirmed the romantic relationship with Tulisa, the second team captain.

In reality, everyone already knew about it, only Autruck still believed he had kept it a secret.

He also specifically mentioned it to Wu Heng.

Wu Heng pulled out fresh letter paper from the drawer.

This time, apart from replying to Slyther and Autruck, he added an extra letter for Yuli.