The Necromancer is amassing troops like crazy in the apocalypse

Author: Angry Piranha
Video Games
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What is The Necromancer is amassing troops like crazy in the apocalypse

Read ‘The Necromancer is amassing troops like crazy in the apocalypse’ Online for Free, written by the author Angry Piranha, This book is a Video Games Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The impostor Necromancer, with inferior forces, is hunted and rejected by others. The genuine Necromancer, with countles...


The impostor Necromancer, with inferior forces, is hunted and rejected by others. The genuine Necromancer, with countless skeletons, becomes a ruling sovereign. After obtaining the Double Doors, Wu Heng discovered that his world was overrun with zombies. Plan A failed, and thus began the implementation of plan B for survival. Wu Heng chose to become a 'Necromancer.' Summoning undead is forbidden in this alien world? The post-apocalyptic planet is full of potential soldiers. Impossible to survive in a zombie-filled world? Then let me live and learn skills in this alien realm. Hence, an undead army armed with modern weaponry made its debut in this world. A calamity engulfs the world, a million skeletons rise. The Dead Bone Dragon, Undead King. (Double Doors + Necromancer + Magic + Fantasy World + Undead Catastrophe.)

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good story. I just wish we had more reviews and a raw if possible


Story plot line seems to be pretty good so far at 200+ chapters. MC is not overpowered and overlooks somethings that is right in front of him. Characters are interesting and have a Human quality to them ( their not perfect or cannon fodder ). Hope it continues


at chapter 190~ something, Still a damnbgood read, really enjoying having an MC who uses his resources and is being smart but reasonable. Keep up with the good work!!! You are doing great, and love the consistency with the updates. 3 a day of decent length chapters is pretty goated.


Gives me the same vibes as I have a Mansion in the post-apocalyptic world, love it. The two different perspectives in both worlds are interesting.


Good stuff. I am closing in on chapter 100 now and it has been a joy to read so far


Just started reading this novel interesting concept. It's interesting to keep me reading. I would recommend at least checking it out if the title interests you.


I've read the MTL up to 433 and the story doesn't fell off like other novels out there


Read upto 420 chps and it's pretty good so far. The ideas and twists are a little unique even if the overall plot is the same, which makes this a familiar but engaging read. It has harem but does not feel forced, more like a natural part of things, plus the mc is op but not ridiculously, is cautious and smart, has good skills and does not act like a kid. No plotholes and gives off a little bit Lord of Mysteries vibe, especially the villains, which is great.


total rip. story is already on here and 死灵法师在末世疯狂屯兵 Necromancers are frantically gathering troops in the end times it's a bit wonky but it's not a bad read


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