Chapter 123, Life Extension Technique_1

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After emptying two rooms, Wu Heng returned to the dorm room.

As soon as he had returned, he saw Li Yahong waiting for him at the door.

She said, "I have found 27 survivors, 22 women, and 5 men."

Those were all the survivors left in the prison.

Most of the men must have been killed off last night, leaving only women who hadn't participated in the battle.

"Among these people, are there any subordinates of Chen Jinlong?"

"Still not sure."

"Let the women who were rescued from that room yesterday identify them, if they're criminals and they've hurt people before, kill them, to prevent any issues," said Wu Heng directly.


No one wants to have some unstable elements in their team.

Wu Heng nodded and continued to speak.

"I plan to use this place as a base, what do you think?"

Li Yahong wasn't too surprised.

She had just done a tour around the prison.