1 Chapter 1: Path to the Gamer

Chapter 1: Path to the Gamer

~Third POV~


Popping into an unknown world a teen fell out of what seemed to be a portal alerting him slamming down on his back and thinking in shock, 'What?! Last I checked I was walking back home but then dropped down – holy the fuck is a T-Rex?!!'

What dawned upon the teen was his eyes widened seeing a normal street like his own world Earth but shocked to see a large moth holding a balloon, a T-Rex with a hat holding a piece of paper in its mouth, and a strange bipedal creature with no arms yet eyes seeing him.

His heart beat raised scared of the unknown he was seeing as he didn't get what was going on or how he arrived here.

The T-Rex came closer as he stood still trying to not move thinking to himself afraid of the monstrosity going towards him, 'Don't move… don't move… the T-Rex movement is based on movement don't – and he picked me up. I have every right to panic!!!!'

The T-Rex rushed forward to help unaware that the teen was freaking out as he moved frantically trying to get away from the T-Rex.




The teen soon landed down on his back on the dinosaur's toe as the back of his shirt got torn off and responded running away screaming from the close death experience, "Ahhh!!!"

Yelling escaping thinking he would die being eaten not looking back. The T-Rex on the other hand stared at the teen finding the will to live by pure instinct running away as a car came by to the T-Rex behind him.

While the creature just a bit shorter than the T-Rex responded with a cigarette smoke and hat talking to the dinosaur, "I just got back from my break. What's up?"

The T-Rex gazed at the creature responding in an uncaring tone looking at the teen running away like an idiot, "I don't know. Some idiot I was trying to help almost got hit by a car I was trying to help is running screaming from me… what an insensitive dumbass."

The teen ran away as far as he could from the 'dangerous' T-Rex till he was out of view slowly walking panting tired trying to rationalize what just occurred, "Now relax there Mash… Just chill and figure out how the living fuck I meet a dinosaur trying to eat me no rather how I fell into this hell…"

The teen Mash Bastion is a regular teen with a normal life and family with one younger sister and two parents. He wasn't anyone special just a normal teen with an average life average grades normal social life.

He wasn't some stuck-up rich kid or brilliant prodigy Mash Bastion is essentially a normal 15-year-old teen with no special powers just normal human biology with some high school education.

Mash trying to figure out what happened to him merely walked his way on the dirt path road into the fields not before long leading to a field as the say turned to night exhausted and hungry gesturing from his stomach growling.


Wandering through the fields patting his stomach feeling the cold air brushing his back muttered to himself worried, "Fuck I'm hungry… but I don't know if anything here is good or deadly to me… or worse more dinosaurs."



Mash was soon alerted his eyes widening listening to the sounds of rustling in the field eyes darting towards the source forcing him to freeze on what the hell caused the noise not recognizing the creature from his viewpoint of any known earth animals.

The creature came out with thin sturdy legs and a mouth that opened in all directions with rat-like features on its body except for no tail and the multiple eyes on the sides of its head pounced on him.



His instincts kicked in as the danger was in front of him holding off the mouth of the creature feeling jaw-like teeth piercing through his hands holding it back eyes widening in pain.

Wanting to scream Mash wanted to scream feeling his hands get pierced and bleeding but couldn't unless he wanted to get eaten showing weakness bitterly bit his lips to force himself to focus on the creature trying to eat him alive.

Noticing the creature didn't hold his legs he gave the creature a strong kick to the mid-section of what Mash assumed to be his body surprised by how light the creature was kicking him a few distance away.




However, the moment of surprise didn't last long as the creature landed on all fours causing Mash to curse at the creature, "Fuck! Aren't you more a rat than a cat? Don't cats only drop on all fours perfectly not you vermin?!"



However, that didn't last long as the creature's body cut its body open to reveal its blood floating opening one singular eye at him causing Mash to freeze at the demon-like entity in front of him cursing, "Oh what the hell?!! I thought it was more animal why the hell is it a fucking creeptypasta horror?!!"



His shock didn't last as one of the creatures pounced from behind Mash worriedly turned around in time to face it when he was dropped to the ground fear etched on his face eyes widening in horror.

The rat-like creature soon opened its mouth revealing a long serpentine tongue almost connecting with Mash's mouth as many thoughts clouded his mind about what the tongue would do to him once it entered his mouth through the worst-case scenario.



Before the tongue could try to enter Mash's body the creature could do what nature intended a gunshot rang out alerting Mash's eyes to dart towards the shooter thanking him, "Oh, thank God! Hey man thanks –"

But his voice was caught seeing the one who saved him was some stone face statue except for the fact it's wearing a hat and with arms and legs. Another creature that seemed to be an oversized chicken that the statue was using as a mount.

The stone face responded identifying his voice as male at Mash in a deep tone, "Boy you're trespassing…"

Mash regaining his bearings tried to gather information but remained respectful towards his savior muttering in confusion, "Trespassing…?"

The stone face nodded and directed it to follow him to the correct path, "Now get up. I'm gonna walk you to the property line…"

Mash nodded his head in agreement thinking to himself in a calm tone trying to regain his composure of the latest events happening to him, 'Alright Mash just be calm and collected about this. The stone face saved my life. I figured that since he saved me, it'd be rude not to follow… and I have no idea what here even is…'

Although Mash turned around lightly at the dead creature the stone face called him hurriedly, "Come on now!"

Doing as he was told Mash followed as the stone face got on his mount confusion written on Mash's face as the stone face responded to him, "Come on, get up… I'm gonna give you a ride into town."

Not being told twice he agreed mounting the oversized chicken as a mount wanting to find civilization immediately.

While making their way to town the stone face finally responded to Mash's actions causing him to flinch at his actions, "You didn't put up much of a fight for someone about to be ripped to pieces."

Mash sighed and responded in a tired tone, "I was tired…"

The stone face soon replied to his question causing Mash to think deeply of his words, "Still… I've seen men half-dead put up a better fight. I've only seen so many folks fight for their lives but… you didn't look like you were fighting."

Mash only lowered his head muttering silently for the stone face to listen, "I don't know…"

For a few hours, things remained silent till they reached a town insight as the chicken stopped with the Stone Face responding to Mash earning his attention, "This is as far as I take you. Follow the signs, they will take you to town."

Mash dismounted thanking the stone face for the ride, "Thanks."

The chicken turned around and left as Mash eyes at the sign muttering to himself in a confused tone, "Let's see… what kind of town calls themselves the Wanderer's Ln? A library? Where have I heard that name before…"

Thinking of where he recalled the name, he decided he put this line of thinking on hold and rather get to town first than be worried about some name.

After all, he only nearly died being strange demonic entity food. The sooner he went to civilization the better.

Mash waved at the stone face at least being thankful for saving him and making his way down the dirt path.

He flinches in pain seeing the bleeding hasn't stopped feeling the cold wind brushing his back ripping a piece of his clothes and bandaging his hands, "Fuck… I'm cold and hungry but the bleeding hasn't stopped. Shit…"


Ripping the pieces of his shirt trying up his hands to stop bleeding he moved forward to town to see a strange horse-like entity in front of him speaking in a different language not known on Earth but noticed a book carrier on its mid-section.

Although Mash chooses to ignore it not wanting any trouble, he moves to town quickly muttering to himself in confusion, "What the literal heck is that…?"

Many thoughts clouded his mind he chose to ignore them. He had time to question his situation later for now he needed help but had to be wary of what he did out of fear that he might offend the wrong person…


Following the direction to a town that looked like only pets could live in the small homes but noticed more strange entities with scribbles on their faces.

However, Mash's eyes dart towards the source of noise calling to him in surprise, "You seem to be lost."

Mash's eyes finally landed on the talking toad or frog with his eyes looking around replying to the creature, "Yeah, you could say that…"

The toad on the other hand was happy to guess right when he talked to him, "Ha! I knew it! What are you looking for?"

Waving his bare feet around he shyly replied to the toad with a defeated tone, "I don't know really, I'm pretty hungry I suppose."

The toad raised one of its arms at its mouth as he made a questioning gesture talking to the man, "You could eat at the library?"

Questioning the toad confused by his words Mash replied surprised, "The library?"

The toad soon finishes his words to Mash answering his question in a chipper tone, "Yeah, the library. All the other places are pretty touristy. You can't miss it really."

Mash looking where the toad is pointing at was a giant tree looking more like a library in front of the whole town with the man outwardly saying it out loud seeing the view, "The library…?"

Hearing Mash's outward response the toad replied again to ensure he wasn't confused, "Yeah, the library, the wander library."

Mash claps his hands together and thanks the toad as he awkwardly leaves the smiling smug toad, "Ok… Thanks. I guess I'll be going then… Uhh, thanks again."

Going around the small town he finally saw the entrance of the Wanderer Library he saw the sign on the outside named the 'Wanderer Library', as he went inside looking further in, he saw the wooden door.

Heading towards the door and opening it to see a view of library books all stacked to each other one by one in rows and rows of them inside the library.

Mash goes inside not looking where he is going while a cat-like creature soon steps down but by pure accident manages to step on the cat creature as it is soon in pain trying to get his tail off the Mash's feet.

Mash looks down in worry as he immediately backs off yelling alarmed with the cat backing away from him while he tries to get his attention, "Shit!... Hey… are you ok…?"

Before Mash could continue a centipede-like creature with teeth began to yell making him nervous in front of the bug-like creature, "What are you doing?"

Turning around face to face with the bug-like creature staring it in the eye only able to reply nervously to the giant bug, "Uhhh… I was getting something to eat?"

The bug bought it but not before scolding Mash with sarcasm in its voice helping the cat creature in the process, "That's great… Good for you. But could you use more than 10% of your brain and not step on people."

Mash muttered an apology to the bug in a tired tone, "I'm sorry?"

The bug creature just sighed at the man not completely understanding him the bug replied to Mash scolding him, "Sigh. Just do what you must, then leave and I know it's gonna be hard for you to wrap your brain around but, try not to break shit… people included."


Going towards the cat helping it up with Mash walking around leaving behind the two when heard sounds coming down from the halls of the library, "Hello… hello… you look out of place friend."

Mash looked at the hooded figure in front of him wearing a jacket with his hoodie on hiding his appearance responding confused, "Well… yea…?"

The figure began to talk to Mash just playing or messing around with him as he talked in a light-hearted tone, "Looking for food in a library… kinda weird. Yea I know, I'm just messing with you human."

Mash was soon surprised by the hooded figure in front of him as he tried to explain to himself, "How did you – Look, some frog just told me I could get food here."

Hearing this the hooded figure responded to him with what appeared to be a smile very hard to see towards Mash's direction, "Come on, I'll take you. You can get a mean noodle bowl here. Don't worry I have coupons."

Mash began to reply almost asking if he shouldn't, but the hooded man simply replied with no issues to him as he kept on the conversation, "I got it from a Valentine's Day thing… Buy one and get two free, but I need an extra person for the second noodle bowl. Not trying to be weird. I just want my extra soup, and you seem like you could use one too."

Mash listening to the squid entity in pure confusion replied nervously, "What do you mean…"

The hooded figure replied to Mash getting his immediate attention eyes widening, "Well, based on your appearance and wounds I assume you don't get good soup very often. You know what I'm talking about…. Don't pretend like you don't."

Mash remained silent as the person in front of him continued to ask a single question, "I know you understand what I'm saying right? I can hear your thoughts. Why lie?"

Mash looks down unsure then away from the person in front of him before feeling tired but replies, "I… I don't know what you have read but... I just had a VERY bad day. One I don't know how to fix…"

The hooded man sighed as he replied with deadpan eyes to Mash in a concerned tone, "Right… How do you describe it then?"

They finally arrived at a soup stall where they sold soup to eat as the man continued speaking with a smile on his face, "Alright. I'm gonna get food, you can figure it out while I'm gone."

Leaving to get the food Mash tugs the front of his shirt seeing the damage before letting go clenching his hands together but not before he sees soup from the hooded man asking him to sit next to him in a calm tone, "Here… You're welcome. Now do you want to sit down or stand here pal?"

The man motions over Mash patting his seat to sit next to him. Mash agreed tiredly as the man asked him the same question they talked about before, "What did you think of something?"

Looking at the soup before him Mash finally answered to the man confused about what he was after, "Huh… uhh no… Not really. I mean you bring me out here, and you want me to tell you something about my day. Why?"

The man sighed out loud for Mash to hear replying to his question directly with his own experience, "Sigh… you confuse me… Everyone I met has their opinions when they suddenly find themselves in a whole new world or universe by mistake or not. Most hate it, and some occasionally agree. But you've been confused throughout your stay, and yet you can't make up your mind. I wanna know why?"

Sighing at this Mash replied to the octopus entity arguing why he had a bad experience today tiredly, "I mean… Look dude... Just today I almost died from a weird demonic rat thing. That's not normal where I'm from and especially dangerous I'm… just confused or lost is that what you want me to say?"

The man replied feeling the response was bored and lacking Mash's voice, "Christ. I mean… do you think you are in danger from the people here? To me, you don't seem dangerous. But hey that's just me."

However, Mash sighed tiredly at this the octopus entity used his telepathic ability listening to Mash's thoughts, 'What's the point in caring? I'm totally lost and don't know my way home again… would I even see them again?'

The two remained silent as Mash attempted to take a small bite of noodles from his soup thinking about what to do in his life the man started asking, "You gonna leave soon then? How much longer will you be around?"

Not looking the hooded man in the eye Mash began to reply his answer even though he doesn't know personally in a defeated tone, "Sigh… I don't know man... I don't even know where to begin with myself to get back home…"

Listening to his pleas the man tried to reply with the options of asking for help available for Mash, "Just know – this will sound cheesy but… there's people here willing to – "

Mash interrupted the man replying in a dead tone in his voice, "Help? I know… I know…"

However, the man wasn't finished replied to Mash pointing it out to him, "But, you must want it. If you do, we aren't that hard to reach."

Mash remained silent before finally responding needing the help in a pleading tone as realization struck him not knowing the man's name, "Sigh… at this point, I need all the help I can get. And are you willing to help me… I don't think I even know your name. I'm Mash Bastion and you…?"

The man laughed lightly at Mash being more respectful happily responding in a cheerful tone introducing himself, "Hahaha… I understand Mash. Being sent to another world must have been a shock but please call me Jack. Jack Nights Guild Masters of my Guild of Gamers."

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