The Most Satisfied Reincarnate Book

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The Most Satisfied Reincarnate


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After countless years of killing and torturing people, he became tired of that. He tried to live like a normal person, yet who knows fate says otherwise. He died but was given a second chance to reincarnate in a new world. A world where magic exists and a Wizard rules everything, determines the fate and life of others and even becomes a mass killing weapon. However, Humans are not the only race living in this world, there were Demons, stronger in physical and Elves proficiency in the magic even the normal beast has evolved and mastered some magic. Unfortunately, our main character reincarnated into the most fragile race, the human race. In this chaotic world could he survive just by relying on his past experiences? “In order to survive, any method is acceptable as long as it brings benefits to me, even if I should slaughter an entire race." ------------------------------------------- Extra Tags : Strong to Stronger, Selfish Protagonist, Apathetic Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Maids, Fantasy World, Fantasy Creatures, Blood Manipulation, Army Building


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