The Monster: Trainer Kota

The Pokemon series, with hundreds of episodes. It was not just an anime for us, it was a part of our life. It was an emotion, something we will never forget. *** I traveled through the darkness, could see the light but not approach it. A new world of dreams, displayed itself to me but I couldn't live in it. I was scared, that I would face a similar situation there. But, I still fell for it. Pokemon Trainer, I wanted to be the best. Pokemon Master, I wanted to be the best. A path of hardship, struggle and pain, let us all witness it ourselves. My journey, of how I will be the greatest! ----------------------------- Cover not mine, if the owner wants it to be removed. Contact me through insta. This is in an alternate world, please expect various changes. Pokemon in here will be of different sizes than the ones shown on anime, as to make them more realistic. If anyone wants to talk to me for fun, Insta- @birkang_bty I have more fan-fiction novels, do try them out. Who knows, you might like one. -One Piece: I Am Psychopath [Completed] -Attack On Titan: Devil's Presence [Paused]

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92 Chs

CHAPTER - 1 { Skotadi Zaiaku }

Year- 1997

Month- October

Day- 04

Pallet Town is a small town located in southwestern Kanto. There are not many houses but it doesn't mean that it's a backward town.


Professor Oak's Laboratory, also called the Oak Pokémon Research Lab, is a Pokémon lab located in Pallet Town that is directed by Professor Samuel Oak.

Its functions are to research Pokémon, unravel the mysteries of these creatures, and study their characteristics and behavior in a natural environment.

A man in his 60s stood in front of two boys and a girl. One of the boys was 16 years old, while the other boy and girl were 10 years old.

"Kota, why did you change your choice?, " Asked the man while looking at the 16 years old boy.

"Puberty, " Replied the boy without much thinking as he glanced at the man.

"Grandpa! Let brother do what he wants! Why are you questioning him!, " Complained the other boy while staring at the man.

"Okay okay, so all of you are here!, " Said the man while moving himself backwards and coming near a machine.

There were three balls on the machine. The balls had the top half part coloured in red and the other half in white.

In the middle, a black stripe circled around and a small button was present as well.

The man looked at the three balls and picked them up. The man then released a red light from the balls that fell on the floor.

Those three red lights took the form of three creatures with different skin colors.

"This here is Bulbasuar, it's a grass type Pokemon, " Informed the man as he introduced the first creature.

It looked a little bit like a frog with big green flower bud on its back. It was fully green in color with some dark green spots.

"This here is Charmander, it's a fire type Pokemon, " This creature looked like a lizard standing on its feet while a small flame burned the end of its tail.

"At last, this is Squirtle. It's a water type Pokemon, " Said the man while waving his hands towards the last of the three creatures.

It was a blue turtle that walked on its feets. Its tail was twisted on the end.

"Kota, since you are the oldest. Why don't you choose your starter first?, " Asked the man while looking at the 16 years old boy.

"Yes! That way I can choose my starter Pokemon based on the type advantage to big brother's, " Said the 10 years old boy excitedly while staring at Kota.

"I also don't have any problem about brother choosing before us, " Said the girl as she nodded her head and smiled at Kota.

"Then I choose Charmander, " Decided Kota as he looked down on the young fire pokemon.

"I choose Squirtle!, " Said the 10 year old boy while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Guess I get Bulbasuar then?, " Said the girl while looking at the little green pokemon.

"Professor Oak, our pokedex and pokeballs?, " Asked Kota as he grabbed the pokeball of Charmander.

"Yes it's coming, " Replied Professor Oak, he went to the side and picked up three red devices.

Professor Samuel Oak, or commonly known as Professor Oak. Is a very famous professor in the entire world.

He wears a white lab coat over his red shirt and brown pants. He has white hair white black eyebrows.

"Here you go!, " Said Professor Oak as he handed over the three red devices to the three new Pokemon Trainers.

"And these are your five pokeballs each, " He also gave five pokeballs each to the three.

"Thanks, " Replied Kota, he then headed towards the entrance door to start his journey.

"I will defeat you, big brother!, " Declared the 10 years old boy as he looked at the disappearing figure of Kota's.

"Gary, you need to take your things before leaving, " Said Professor Oak from behind, he also looked towards the closing entrance door.

'I hope you stay safe, Kota, ' Thought Professor Oak as he smiled and went back to his room.

* * *

Kota walked in the forest that leads to the Viridian City, he could have taken the train but there wouldn't be any adventure in it.

As he went in, he came across a lake. It was big but definitely not large.

Setting a small camp, Kota released his first ever pokemon out of the pokeball.

With a burst of red light, Charmander came out and looked at the surroundings curiously.

"Chaaa! Charrmanderr!".

Charmander walked near Kota and sat down beside him, next to the lake.

"Go do your thing for today, " Said Kota as he pulled a fishing rod and started fishing in the lake.


Confused, Charmander didn't move from his position and continued to stare at the fishing line.

"Then stay quiet, " Said Kota, he held the fishing rod cautiously and looked out for the surroundings.

Not long after, the fishing line made some moves. Kota took his time and pulled the line carefully.

On the side, Charmander was watching the scene with great curiosity and fun.

'Come on!, ' Thought Kota as he used his strength and completely pulled the thing out of the lake.


On the ground, a fat fish in red and yellow twitched furiously till its energy was depleted.

A wide open mouth, two big round eyes, two long yellow whiskers and the normal fins in yellow.

Its body was in red, it looked not bad but also not eye-catching.

Magikarp, a water type pokemon. Also known for being one of the most useless pokemons in the first stage.

Height 1.2 meters and Weight 15 kg, it was actually a big one compared to normal.

"Finally, what I wanted, " Said Kota as he walked near Magikar and touched one of his pokeballs.



It was not hard to catch one, but it was hard to catch a big one.

"My name is Skotadi Zaiaku, who is going to become a pokemon master, " Said Kota as he gripped the pokeball in his hand tightly.

"I am also a Transmigrated soul".