The Mist of Presage

Charles Augustus Magnussen did die at the hands of Sherlock, but that was because Sherlock knew that he can not defeat him any other way. Now, Magnussen is in the Marvel world, and he doesn't want to reach the top of the Media Business anymore, He wants more, much more. This Fic features an extremely Evil Protagonist. His Interests are Paramount and no one can come in his way and expect forgiveness. Your favorite character could die, so beware.

License_to_Offend · Anime & Comics
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13 Chs


"Your soul is a little different...a little unique, a little more powerful than others" Said Hela as she was sitting against the wall, chained and was looking at Charles who was setting up a makeshift lab from his nanobots and miniaturised equipments from Pym Particles.

Charles all but ignored her comment and continued to set his lab.

"The Yggdrasil told Odin a prophesy, that in future, Surtur, the lord of Mupelheim, will bring Ragnarok in Asgard which will be the end of your realm.

But Odin did not wanted for it to happen and imprisoned Surtur in his own realm by stealing his Mask away from him.

Now, That he feels his powers waning, he is sure that his 2 sons will never be able to defeat you, and hence, he is going to tell this secret to his sons…So that they can kill you and bring about the destruction of Asgard."

Hela looked at nothingness and processed Charles words, earlier, when Charles told her about Ragnarok, she was confused as she didn't know what Odin knew, but now, listening to Charles made a lot of sense.

"So Odin would rather destroy Asgard, then let me rule it...Is that it?" she said to no one in particular.

"And who was the guy you were talking about earlier...the one who can destroy this cosmos with a snap of his fingers?"

"Thanos, Son of A'lars! He has a dream...To wipe out half the Universe. And he can do that by getting all the Infinity Stones."

Hela thought about what Charles said. She obviously knew what the infinity stones were…

Charles had just set up his Lab when suddenly Veronica spoke to him through his glasses.

"Master, Peter Parker has made his web-shooters. I think he is ready to become a Spider-Man"

Suddenly, on Charles table, a very integrated piece of a hand-band started to form from the nanotech and soon an even improved version of Peter's web-shooters were present.

Charles had planted so many bugs in Peter's house that getting his invention, as well as getting his DNA was child's play.

Charles started inspecting the band as Hela curiously saw him put it on and shoot the cave's wall.

After checking the process of making it from Veronica, he completely understood how Peter figured it out and made another portal in the cave, from which a test tube containing Peter's blood was retrieved.

"What is it?" Asked Hela as she saw this peculiar man bring in some blood and shooting a spider-type rope at the cave wall.

"It is one of the ways to make me stronger." He replied as Veronica immediately started to work on the blood of Peter.

"How stronger can this make you?" Asked Hela with interest.

"Well...Nothing much. This should, theoretically give me the powers to climb on absolutely anything, and give me incredible sensory prowess."

Hela laughed! This thing was really not that amazing in her opinion.

"Well, no time to waste. Let's have lunch and then I have to go." Said Charles as he opened another portal through which he retrieved a plate and Hela's laugh vanished.



Charles came back to the Presidential Safe House in DC and called Alison to tell her that he was leaving for New York.

It was as if a heavy piece of stone was lifted off of Alison's chest as she heard that the Devil in her backyard would soon leave.

She organised a grand see off for Charles and the news was being broadcasted in the entire world.

It was normal because Charles was the Hero of the Earth….

Many business tycoons and government officials who had been meaning to meet him all this time but were not able to because of his retreat due to his supposed injury were her to meet him.

"It was our Honour to hoast you, Dr. Magnussen, please visit us again." Said Alison as many media channels were covering his departure at the airport.

"It was nice meeting you, Alison." Charles smiled as he hugged her in front of the cameras and soon left her and started walking towards his private plane with a small army.

Many of those were either S.H.I.E.L.D agents or from the Pentagon as they were ensuring his safety and soon, his aircraft flew towards the New York.



Tony was having a lunch date with Pepper when suddenly JARVIS informed him about Charles's return and he and Pepper both left the food and started to rush towards the Airport.

Charles was still sitting in his plane, surrounded by security but he was watching everyone from Maria Hill & Nick Fury to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts arriving at the Airport as the S.H.I.E.L.D completely sealed off the New York Airport.

The crowd was starting to gather outside of the Airport every second as people just couldn't wait to welcome their Hero back.

Charles was a very hard to see personality. He rarely made public appearances and so, the craze of seeing him was exponentially higher than any other Hero who had taken part in the New York war to save the world from an Alien Invasion.


It didn't take long for Charles's flight to land and the security around the runway was so exaggerated that it felt like the World Leaders were arriving for a meeting here.

"Augustus!" Exclaimed Maria as she ran towards Charles as soon as his Aircraft parked in a Hanger and he stepped out.

"I missed you!" She said as she breathed in his scent.

"I missed you too" he replied while he took her face in his hands and very slowly kissed her.

After they separated from each other, Tony also hugged him. He was afraid. There was a time when even he disappeared for a few months after a terrorist attack and because the White House had refused to let anyone meet him, his worries had increased to the point where he was planning to hack Pentagon.

"Hey Buddy." Said Charles as they got out of the hug.

Pepper was the third person to hug him but now, Pepper has come to terms with her betrayal. She still felt guilty but now she was extremely clear that she loved Tony and whatever happened between her and Charles that night was because she had doubts about Tony actually taking her seriously and not considering her as another one of his One-Night Stands.

"Charles" Said Nick as he came forward and shook hands while Phil and Natasha too came to welcome him.

"Charles, we first need to go to S.H.I.E.L.D. There is something I need to fill you in with." Said Fury as he nodded towards Maria and she requested Charles with her eyes.

"Tony, I'll visit you in the night and we can catch up?" asked Charles as he looked at Tony.

"Yeah dude, I am offended that you even had to ask" replied Tony before he and Pepper said their goodbyes and Charles went with Nick and Maria to S.H.I.E.L.D.

"So what is this about" He asked Nick as Natasha was driving, Nick was sitting in the shotgun seat, Phil was sitting behind him and he and Maria were sitting in the middle seat of their customized armoured SUV.

"Well, We found something about Wakanda." Replied Nick as they continued towards S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nick had basically wanted to tell Charles about the deal of Unprocessed Vibranium with Wakanda, and if he was able to get his hands on it, then only Tony and Banner had the chance of doing anything with it, but Tony said that Charles might be able to help as well and so Nick was asking his help in that.

"Sure! Although I have never worked with such a mineral. I will be glad to be of any help to you." Replied Charles, after which they told him about Erik Killmonger.




In another part of the town, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin was riding his car and the driver pressed break as it was reaching an intersection, but what happened was the controls of the electric car were suddenly hijacked and the car sped up, smashing directly into another car of a woman whose breaks had supposedly failed.

The accident was massive! Wilson immediately fainted from the impact while the driver was disoriented from impacting the Airbag.

"Save the boss!" Suddenly, many people with guns rushed to Kingpins' car and got him out of there before immediately taking him and the driver away.

Ambulance and Police, everyone arrived at the scene within five minutes and saw the destruction. Although Wilson's SUV was still on all its four wheels, but the other car, which was just a 1998 Ford was completely wrecked and was shoved into a pole.

No one even had the courage to go near it as it was an absolute certainty that no one could survive that crash and there were sparks flying over the spilt gasoline which made everyone terrified.

Wilson's electric SUV was simply too powerful and it directly struck the driver side.

"Quick quick! Remove the door and get the paramedics!" Firefighters too came with blowtorches and hammer and soon they pried open the gate and retrieved a very disfigured body of a female driver.




Charles completed his talk with Nick and started driving his own Phantom which had driven itself to the S.H.I.E.L.D earlier.

He didn't go to the Appledore first. No.

Peter was out experimenting with his abilities to fight crime.

It had been a thrilling experience to know his abilities and try to use them to help people.

He was still very terrified of his friends or Aunt may finding about his abilities and so he was designing a very bad looking mask.

He had just arrived back into his room through his window when he received a phone call.

Peter immediately rushed out of his house and soon arrived at the City Hospital.

As soon as he arrived outside of the hospital, he noticed Charles's Phantom and he quickly dashed inside.

"Peter Parker.." Called out a cop as soon as he got inside.

"YES!.. I was called here."

"Yes Peter, Please come with me."

The cop took him to a morgue and Peters's heart started to sink.

He was called and told that his Aunt May Parker was in an accident and was at the City Hospital right now.

With a heavy heart, he arrived inside of the Morgue and noticed Charles with red eyes talking with a cop.

"Uncle Charles" He immediately rushed towards Charles to know what was happening. He was confused and heartbroken. These cops were not telling him anything straight and he went towards the only person he could trust right now.

Charles hugged Peter and consoled him.

"Peter, May met with an accident in the afternoon and...Died on the spot. Her face has been disfigured….You were called here today to claim her body. I will not let them cut open and defile May's body in the name of Post-Morton. With the CCTV footage, they have already confirmed that May died of head trauma in the accident."

Charles projected the traffic cam's footage in front of Peter who he just got from the cops in which the entire scenario, from Wilson's car hitting May's car, to everyone not even approaching May to save her, and just waiting for the cops and ambulance was being shown.

He also saw the guy who was responsible for the accident get carried away by some armed people in a new car.

Peter was devastated. He couldn't believe that when he was out fighting crime, his own Aunt might've needed help but no one came up to help her.

His entire world was falling apart. His Aunt was his everything, and now she was not with him.

"What will happen to that man?" Asked Peter feebly towards the cop.

He slowly and slowly went up to the cop who was near a body, and when he arrived, he saw May's body, twisted and broken.

He almost threw up, but he persevered and Charles came up to him and put a hand on Peter's shoulder.

The cop looked uncomfortable. This was a high profile case as not only the most powerful gangster of Hell's Kitchen was involved, but also the National Hero was also here.

With perspiration, he said..

"Since Lady Parker also broke the signal, and the other party also got injured. I don't think any charges will be able to stick, but you can try for convicting the driver of Manslaughter"

"WHAT!?" screamed Peter as he was told that the cops can't do anything. The other guy was obviously a gangster! He had people with guns guarding him! That scum was alive and his Aunt was not.

Everything was too much for Peter to take in and his blood pressure started to fall.

Charles quickly got him out of the Morgue and signalled the cops to send the body to Peter's house.

Charles took Peter back to his home as he tried to console him all the way.

"Mr. Charles….I want to tell you something." Suddenly spoke Peter as they got near to his home.

"Yes Peter?" Asked Charles as they parked in front of the house, and under the shocked gazes of the neighbours, went inside.

Peter had no one in the world left...He was underage and knew that Child Services would take him and he could only see hope in one man.

With tears in his eyes, he told Charles everything about his abilities. Charles also acted a little surprised.

"Please Uncle Charles...You know I can't go to wherever the Child Services will take me. I wanna be like you...like Iron man..I wanna be an Avenger and save people from losing their loved ones.

Peter was high on emotions right now. He didn't know what to do. Should he grief? Should he go out for revenge? His only window to let out his emotions was Charles, and so, in his emotionally weak state, he confessed everything.

"Peter...Understand that you don't owe this world anything. Your powers don't oblige you to any responsibility..So don't force yourself too hard. If you want to help people, do that at your own pace."

Soon the cops brought May Parker's body in the ambulance and there was a crowd of media outside of Peter's house.

"Stark, I need your help."

Tony soon came to Peter's house in his Iron Man suit and Charles let him in.

"What is this Charles?"

"Well, we have another Avenger to Train."

Charles explained Peter's situation to Tony and Tony was fascinated by Peter's abilities. He also sympathised with Peter and decided to enrol Peter on his Scholarship which he started for kids whose families died under his weapons.

"Don't worry kid, We will take care of you."

Soon, an army of Lawyers and Stark employes came with Pepper at Tony's order and took Peter and Aunt May's body.




A week later, all the Funeral formalities had been done and it was quite a shock for people to see not one, but 2 Avengers at a funeral of an unknown lady.



Charles went back to Maria's house and they both spent some good time together. They were separated for many moons and Charles spent the whole day with her.

"Master, Why must you go to such lengths when you don't mean any of it?" Asked Veronica as she could tell that Charles wasn't serious about any of them.

"You are a newborn, Veronica. You won't understand."




Charles went back to Appledore and went straight to his lab.

"Prepare the injection" He said and soon, a blood-red injection was levitating on his research table.

Charles took the injection and directly injected himself with it. The needle was made out of a Vibranium alloy so it could be done.

"This feeling isn't so bad" He said as he could feel the world getting slow around him.

What he had just injected himself with was obviously a Spider Serum, which Veronica made from Peter Parker's blood and Charles immediately received the extraordinary Sensory Perception of Spiderman.

He could literally feel everything in slow-motion when he concentrated and could also feel micro Vibranium fibres grow on his skin so that he could climb walls.

"A 30% Percent of increase in brute force." He said as he tested his increased strength.




It had been another month and Peter was enrolled by Stark into one of the best schools of New York and his guardianship was overtaken by Stark Foundation because he was a supernatural child and he needed to be moulded into a superhero.

Charles was with him through the entire process and in Peter's heart, Charles's Position became unshakable.


"So, Let's continue our lecture." Said Hela with a smile as Charles sat in front of her.

"There are many weapons that can control the Bifrost and the best of them is Odin's Spear and Heimdall's sword. Other weapons can be made by the Dwarves of Nidavellir. Your best bet should be going there and befriending them."

"That's reasonable." Said Charles as he accepted Hela's suggestion.

Right now, he had no means of subduing Valkyrie.

His Physical powers were able to overpower the likes of Loki, due to his Vibranium Physique and Extremis's Super Heat, but winning against a battle-hardened Valkyrie still can't be guaranteed.

"Also, Don't even try to sneak into Asgard from the passage I told you. Heimdall can't see you in this cave because I am preventing him, but if you want to challenge him on Asgard, then let me tell you that you may have mastered the Dark Magic, but Malekith and the Dark Elves are still mastering that magic for many thousands of years. If they can fool Heimdall, then it doesn't necessarily mean that you would be able to do it too." Warned Hela.




Charles had a nice dinner with Hela after that and she was happily eating the food from Charles's hands. And why shouldn't she? She had been hungry for thousands of years and Charles's food tasted heavenly.

After completing the Dinner, Charles arrived in Appledore.

"Master, S.H.I.E.L.D has finally found and arrested Erik Killmonger and Maria Hill has decided that it should be you who should go to Wakanda to hand him over and examine and retrieve the unprocessed Vibranium because T'Chaka said that only one person from the outside will be allowed inside of Wakanda."

"Finally, The time I spent in cultivating Maria…" Smiled Charles.