18 Amazing Culinary Skills

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At the old mansion, Uncle Yu and his family were talking about what happened during the day. Aunt Yu brought in some medicine.

The youngest daughter sat on her father's lap and ate the osmanthus cake Yu Feng brought back.

Yu Feng and Yu Song stood obediently in front of their uncle. No matter who made a mistake, these two brothers would always be punished together. However, it was always Yu Song who caused trouble and caused Yu Feng to be implicated. Today, it was Yu Feng who was in trouble.

"What exactly happened?" Uncle Yu asked solemnly.

Aunt Yu took a glance at her son and placed the boiling hot medicinal concoction on the table. She also carried her little daughter, who was engrossed in eating the osmanthus cake, over.

Seeing Yu Feng remain silent, Yu Song nudged him with his elbow. "Say something. Why did you beat up Mrs. Zhao?" He didn't believe that his big brother was standing up for Third Aunt. Although Ah Wan was a disgraceful girl, Third Aunt was a good person. There was nothing wrong with standing up for Third Aunt. There would be no problem if he's the one who had done it. But with his big brother's character, how could he beat up a woman?

"I just did," Yu Feng said.

The village headman did not believe him. He desperately wanted to explain, but now that there was someone who believed him, he did not want to say anything.

"Why are you hitting people too?" Yu Song mumbled, apparently accepting this excuse.

Aunt Yu said angrily, "Did Ah Wan call you over? You've been going to her house these few days and even went to town with her. I haven't asked you why!"

Yu Song rubbed his nose resentfully. Big Brother had told him not to tell his family about Ah Wan's bet with the pharmacy. However, it was not that he wanted to let it slip this time. He really could not hide it anymore.

"I'm asking you a question!" Aunt Yu emphasized.

The youngest daughter glanced at her mother and continued to eat the osmanthus cake in the box.

After owing Ah Wan such a big favor, Yu Feng had no intention of hiding it from his family. Since his mother asked, he might as well confess everything that happened that day at the pharmacy.

After hearing Yu Feng's words, the husband and wife were both stunned. No one expected Ah Wan to speak up and help them pay back the money.

What happened back then was quite a coincidence. Although Yu Kaiyang had saved Ah Wan, the heavy rain had been so heavy that Ah Wan didn't even know that she had almost lost her life. She also didn't know that someone had saved her. She only thought that the disaster behind her had nothing to do with her.

Yu Kaiyang had never allowed them to speak the truth.

Yu Kaiyang's leg had been broken because of Ah Wan, but Ah Wan would rather give the money she earned from outside to Mrs. Zhao than lend them a single copper coin.

How could this heartless girl repay their debt?

If Yu Wan's proposal to repay the debt was shocking enough, then Yu Feng's following words stunned the couple.

"It's already paid off."

"Paid… paid off?!" Yu Song could not stay calm anymore. "That's twenty taels! Can those fish and bamboo shoots sell for that much money?!"

Of course, fish and bamboo shoots were not enough. Just as Yu Feng was hesitating whether he should tell everyone that Yu Wan knew how to cook salt, Yu Wan came to the door with the dumplings that had just been cooked.

"What are you doing here?" Yu Feng opened the door.

Yu Wan stuffed the cotton-wrapped basket into Yu Feng's arms. "You haven't had dinner yet, right? It's been hard on you today, Big Brother."

What's hard on him? Cook salt or take the blame? Yu Feng did not want to accept it, but his sister walked over with her short legs.

The youngest daughter's face was red and her eyes were big. She looked very delicate and cute. She looked at Yu Feng's large bowl of fragrant meat and instantly couldn't move.

Yu Wan pinched her little cousin's cheeks and said to Yu Feng, "Eat the dumplings while they're hot. I'll go back first."

"What is this?" Yu Feng found the bank notes under the cotton.

Yu Wan said, "Big Brother's remuneration. Big Brother and I earned the money together. Big Brother and I did it together. Of course, I can't take it all for myself."

Yu Feng: "But…"

Yu Wan smiled and interrupted him. "Big Brother, see you tomorrow."

With that, she pinched her little cousin's cheeks and turned to disappear into the night.

Yu Feng took out a banknote and looked at it. There was a total of fifteen taels. This was the money his father need on medicine for months!

"Big brother." Yu Wan's figure could no longer be seen, but an extremely soft yet firm voice could be heard. "When I've saved enough money, I'll bring Uncle to the Capital to treat his leg."


Inside the house, Uncle Yu and Aunt Yu were silent. Yu Song's eyes were rolling, but he did not say a word.

Everyone heard Yu Wan's words. In the past, they would definitely not believe her, but after these few days, this Ah Wan seemed to be really different from before.

Yu Feng removed the cotton wool, and a strong meaty smell instantly filled the room.

Yu Song gulped.

Yu Feng took out a banknote. "I'd better return this…"

Before he could finish speaking, Aunt Yu took the banknote and stuffed it into the drawer expressionlessly under everyone's stunned gazes.

This means that she was accepting Ah Wan's feelings. For some reason, Yu Feng actually felt a bit happy.

Uncle Yu's eyes had already started to turn red when he heard that sentence.

Only Yu Song was still fuming. He didn't really want to forgive that girl, but facing a bowl of steaming dumplings, he couldn't help but drool.

The dumplings were really well made, and each one was beautiful. He couldn't tell that the girl actually had a pair of skillful hands. Look at the dumplings, they were even better than his father's.

It must be delicious! At least it would be better than the chicken soup from last time.

Aunt Yu brought the bowls and chopsticks over.

Yu Song took one eagerly.

Uncle Yu picked up one too.

Then, Aunt Yu and Yu Song also picked up their chopsticks. Only their youngest daughter was still clumsily poking with her chopsticks.

When they bit down, the entire family was stunned!

This smell…

The few of them exchanged glances. In the next second, they all bent down and vomited out.


The moon was dark and the wind was strong.

A spacious carriage drove through Lotus Flower Town and stopped on a row of streets.

Lotus Flower Town was just a small town with no reputation. When the sky turned dark, the streets gradually became deserted.

This was exactly what the carriage owner wanted.

Apart from being more spacious, this carriage didn't look any different from the carriages in town.

The Jadeite Pavilion had seen many such customers, so they didn't take them seriously at all.

Suddenly, a young master dressed in luxurious clothes jumped out of the car. He looked to be no more than seventeen or eighteen years old. He was wearing a top-grade cloud brocade and shoes with luminous pearls embedded in them. On his waist hung a priceless suet jade pendant.

The shopkeeper of the Jadeite Pavilion made a rough estimate. Not to mention that jade pendant, even a Night-Luminescent Pearl on a shoe could buy the entire Jadeite Pavilion.

The other party looked even more handsome. At least in this small town, there had never been a more noble and handsome youth.

The shopkeeper of the Jadeite Pavilion immediately concluded that the other party was a legitimate son of a Zanying clan!

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get the guests! Get out of the way! I'll do it!" The shopkeeper of the Jadeite Pavilion personally ran out. However, just as he was about to go forward to welcome the noble young master, he saw that the other party's entire body was bent down and kneeling beside the carriage smoothly.

Wait, isn't this a young master?


The bead curtain was lifted.

A slender white figure walked out of the carriage. He stepped on the "noble young master" 's back and landed on the ground.

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