The Mid Laner Belongs To The Jungler Book

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The Mid Laner Belongs To The Jungler


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Synopsis: Fu Yue suffered a hand injury and could no longer play in the competition but he never thought that the day his e-sport career ended, his life as well also came to a stop. However, the next thing he knew was that he somehow crossed into another world. Everything was fine, he no longer had a hand injury, his new family was also very nice just that... Why does he have to be an Omega?! Anyways, after some time passed Fu Yue came to accept the reality. He is a man who chases after a career, not love so Omega or whatever it means nothing to him! Filled with determination, Fu Yue decided to focus on returning to the e-sport industry. As luck has it, he found a very good pro player who shared the same mind as him in the game. Fu Yue then joined his team to become the new starting Mid Laner. Fu Yue, " Captain Wei, one more round!" Wei Chen," Mm." Some time later after getting together... Fu Yue, " Captain Wei, I-" Wei Chen, " Mm? One more round? Okay." The game in the story will be using League Of Legends (LOL), a MOBA game as a reference. This is an original novel so inevitably there will be a lot of errors. The cover is drawn by @Pineapplrr