The Game

Paris Le'blanc's POV:

I have been observing her for a time now. She is beautiful. Almost like a chubby porcelain doll.

I don't know what exactly it is that she has, but she made me glad I visited Rin.

This is the longest time I have ever been inside the Saito's estate, this cold icy cold palace never really suited my taste.

Staying here used to be out of necessity, to discuss strategies for me and my ally's interest.

It has been almost a week, and I have, for the first time in being Rin's ally, enjoyed myself beyond what may have been permissible.

I found out that my sweet porcelain doll is, in fact, a medic. Imagine, one of those silly healers who save lives no matter how corrupted the person may be.

She finally diagnosed Muchiko's condition.

Muchiko is pregnant and will give birth to puppies in a month.

I had a great laugh about it, and almost everyone else was shocked except perhaps Rin.

He is never shocked. He remained as stoic as ever. But in fact, there are several times now that I caught his eyes glimmer when he looks at her.

Makes me crazy. Really crazy that I want to abduct her and make her mine. Only mine.

Somehow she is different from any other girl I have ever met.

She is not a strikingly beautiful woman, nor does she have the curves of the woman I usually crave.

She is innocent. Pure. In fact she is too pure, too kind, too untouched by this world. Her purity drives me insane.

I need to have her. I need to destroy her.

I want to taint that purity and take her very soul.

I have had many toys, and yet I have never had one like her.

She makes me go insane with need every time I see her.

And yet when I am close to her, I couldn't bring myself to hurt her.

I couldn't let myself break her. Like the mere thought excites me and scares the hell out of me. What if I break her and she loses her beautiful bright smile that lights up even the dimmest of all places?

She is weak.

I never had the interest to pursue the weak.

I don't mind their presence at all. The weak, I mean.

For me, the weak are too inconsequential.

We may be breathing the same air, walking the same path, and yet I never as much as looked twice at someone not worthy to be an opponent.

But she is weak.

This doll with chubby cheeks and innocent bewildered eyes, with that pink little mouth that has never smiled at me.

She has piqued my interest.

That woman occupies the deepest seat of my desires. And yet I couldn't act on those desires for fear that doing so might break her.

I have never been as uncertain about something as I am with her.

There is something more about that girl, more than meets the eye.

The only way to find out is to have her.

To break her or not is something I'll have to decide later on.


Your POV:

"Maru, please stay here until Muchiko gives birth," Aki demanded using her sweet voice that doesn't sound like it belongs to an assassin.

"But my lady, what about my clinic?"

"You have a clinic assistant, don't you?" she insisted.

"Please stay. Muchiko needs you," Rin joined in.

"I will be staying, too. Please stay," Paris chimed.

Defeated, you gave in. "Thank you for having me. I will stay until Muchiko delivers her puppies."

You were having dinner when this conversation started.

Gathered around are Rin and Aki Saito, and Paris Le'blanc.

You found out that the rest of the Saito family members have been eliminated by another family of assassins two years prior to this date.

Again, such fact was not known to you. Nothing of such sorts was written in your book.

You felt a sense of panic. How could it be that the scenes are unfolding contrary to what you have written, leaving you clueless as to what twist the story will bring?

You felt so defenseless. It seems like the universe you have created suddenly decided to conspire against you.

To your left side is Paris, and to your right is Rin, and across you is Aki.

Paris has been putting food on your plate, while Rin has been looking quite in a bad mood.

This is the first time you have seen any emotion register in Rin's face.

He usually wears an emotionless facade.

But now, it is as if he cannot hide his dissatisfaction. You have no idea why.

After dinner, you tried to find Rin, worried about why he behaved like that earlier.

As you were walking down the hallway, you noticed Paris walking beside you.

"Were you looking for him?" Paris asked innocently.

"Looking for who?" you asked.

You know that he knew. Not only one person can play this mind game.

"The dark-eyed assassin, of course. I noticed your glances every chance he happens to pass by. He will never notice, unfortunately. Wouldn't you want to be entertained by me instead? I am more fun than he can ever be even a thousand lifetimes from now, you see. That one was born from ice, " Paris smiled, chuckled to himself. He sounded jealous even to his own ears, as to why this is, he simply has no clue.

Though his voice was light and funny, there's a hint of sadness in them.

"Paris, we can always be friends. And I thank you for always trying to keep me company. But you were wrong about your assumption, I have no dream of making him notice me."

"Friends, huh? Do you know how stupid that sounded in my ears just now? Or how pathetic that made me feel? No of course you are clueless, I myself am clueless when it comes to the way I feel about you. The assassin... you can find him in the garden," Paris looked at you with that hurt expression on his face and left.

Your heart clenched seeing him walking away from you, your heart feels hurt.

Is this all just because you hate hurting a character you have created?

Is that the reason why you are so affected by his suffering?


Rin Saito's POV:

I hate that Paris has been feeding Maru in front of me.

I have no idea what this feeling is. Hatred. So much hatred that I want to throw my pins against Paris and to instantly kill him.

I have never felt so many heightened emotions.

I was taught to control my emotions. Assassins should not allow themselves to be read.

And yet, here I am. Losing my cool and emitting such a negative aura that even Aki noticed.

I stood up. "I'm through. Excuse me."

I exited the dining hall and went straight to the garden.

I threw my needles at the squirrels atop the tree, the innocents died instantly.

Pity. They do not have Paris' face.