The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me Book

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The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me

Mary Algen Guiang

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A reverse harem love story where the author, Maru Akari, finds herself trapped inside the WebNovel story she has written. ****** Who wouldn't want to be a storybook character if it means being his? ****** "Oh, don't you know how delectable you are my love? Have you never been had before?" ~ Paris Leblanc, a seductive artist who may be so much more than he seems. ****** "How sweet, if not for the fact that she is struggling from your grasp." ~ Daisuke Kane, a cruel mafia boss on the outside but a perfect gentleman to the love of his life. ****** “If you want the world to exist, you must continue living. You have that burden now.” ~ Rin Saito, a deadly assassin who doesn’t understand human emotions such as love.