1 The Dream

You were typing down the last sentence for the WebNovel, The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me.

'Finally! After spending three months of my summer break, I finished it just before law school classes resume!'

You inhaled a deep breath and a giant smile was plastered on your face.

'Yes, it feels really good that I finally finished my first installment of the series.'

'I can't wait to finally rest!' If not for the time of the day, you would have shouted in glee.

Your tired eyes turned to the face of your bedroom clock and read the time.

'Midnight exactly.'

You sighed, being the scarecrow that you are. You hurriedly huddle to bed, pulled in your bed covers, and wrapped your arms around your notebook containing your manuscript like a lover would embrace a beloved.

'I'll just continue to upload more chapters, tomorrow,' you yawned and let sleep overtake you.

The laptop you left on your bedside table started to blink, lights flashing throughout the room.

And then..

You dreamed...

or was it more than just a dream?


You opened your eyes and found yourself inside a small bedroom.

'Where am I?'

You scanned the unfamiliar room with the most basic of furnishing. Even the paint by which it is covered is just plain white.

'What kind of personality does the one who owns this room have?'

You wondered where you are exactly and stood up.

Because you were in such a hurry to scout the area, you did not notice the bed covers wrapped around your ankles.

You tripped, fell on the floor, and hit your head hard.

Your head is bleeding from the wound.

'This hurts so bad, I've never actually been hurt from a dream before.'

You tried to convince yourself that this is just a dream, but there it is, the indescribable pain of a deep wound and the crimson liquid just pouring out of it.

You grabbed the blanket and wrapped your head with it, trying to stop the bleeding.

And then, it happened. The blanket was suddenly covered with light.

'What the hell is going on?'

Your eyes widened in surprise.

'No, this can't be happening.'

Then, suddenly the pain subsided and the bleeding stopped. However, you became dizzier and now can't stand on your feet.

You crawled up back to the bed and laid yourself flat. Then you noticed the ceiling.

The ceiling is made of crystal glass so that you can see through the outside.

Trees taller than the tallest building you have ever seen in your life.

'I'm in the middle of a forest.'

'No, not just any forest,' you surmised as you saw a magic eagle with bright red feathers and streaks of gold.

'I am inside the Isle of Atlantis,' you gasped in shock.

The impossible happened.

'I am inside the first pages of my new book.'


One month from waking up, feeling hungry, eating, interacting with people, and you were finally forced to accept your present circumstance.

'There is no way that this is just a dream.'

You can't get hungry inside a dream, or feel sleepy, or tired, or smell the flowers, feel the brush of the grass in your ankles, or feel the brush of a deer's fur on your skin inside a dream.

Everything is so vivid, so detailed, so impossibly real that this can't possibly be just a dream.

Truth be told, you never dreamed. In the entirety of your existence, you have never dreamed.

So there you were contemplating the choices you have now.

You have to live and eat and buy some clothes, and the money you found inside the pages of your notebook is dwindling fast.

Soon, you will have nothing more by which to live.

'I can't die like this, not before I even have my first book published.'

So you have decided to be a veterinarian in this world, using your newfound ability for your own good and the good of this world. Sometimes, you even heal humans too, but it takes too much of your energy, so you avoid it as much as possible.

It's good and all, you can heal the animals and earn some money. But this ability has its after-effects.

Every time you use your ability, you lose your strength. You have concluded that you may be transferring your life energy to the patient every time you use it.

It's draining and sometimes frustrating. The after-effects depend on the wound or injury you needed to heal, and also the type of patient. The lesser the injury the less effect on your health, but the more severe it is, the harder it is for you to recover. Also, you are more drained when you use your ability to cure humans than when you use the same ability to cure animals.

Soon you were known throughout Belmore as the medic.


You were inside your clinic when you heard a knock. You opened the door and saw a beautiful little girl.

The little girl has black hair, and she has a black colored pair of eyes that instantly gives an aura of evil.

She has skin as white as snow and lips as red as ripe strawberries, but her eyes, those eyes are pure black.

You immediately recognized the character from your book.

Aki Saito, the beloved sister of one of the main leads in your book, Rin Saito.

You smiled at her, and with that smile, her eyes widened.

She has been so sure that you will try to escape upon seeing her face or to scream at the very least. That is the usual reaction of people around her, so she finds it disturbing that you immediately smiled.

You know her to be a very kind person deep inside, even though she comes from a family of assassins.

The Saitos came from the bloodline of Takeshis who used to be the ruling family in Belmore when it was still a monarchial society.

When Belmore finally embraced democracy, the Takeshis, and later on the Saitos, entered the assassination business and became the number one in their craft.

"Doctor, can you help me? My dog is very sick," the little girl found the courage to speak up and tell you what she came here for.

You know this from the plot of your story, and you immediately knew you are following the story's timeline.

There is that doubt again that this might after all be just a product of your imagination. Still, it is better to help than to sit around doing nothing.

"Don't cry, I'll try to help you, the best way I can," you hugged the little girl in an attempt to stop her from crying.

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