18 Be My Girlfriend

I wake up to the feeling of someone touching my bare stomach and getting closer to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and tossing a leg over my own.

"Marie!" He whispers.


" Would you be my girlfriend?" He says in a husky voice.

"What!" My eyes widened at what he just said and my mouth falls open.

"I'm joking" he chuckles and I playfully hit his chest pushing him away from me.

"Now, come closer," he says pulling me back to him again.

I groan as I move closer to him.

" I meant what I said earlier though," he says with a serious face.

" What!?" I sit up on my elbows.

"Marie, I'm joking" he burst out laughing.

"Not funny, Jon" I chuckle at the new pet name.

"Marie, what did you just call me?" He chuckles.

" Jon!" I tease.

" Don't you dare call me that again" he starts tickling me?

Jason is now on top of me, laughing loudly as he continues to tickle me.

"S-stop!" I plead with tears of laughter.

"Make me !" He sticks his tongue out at me and pushes my arms above my head with one hand and the other continues to tickle me.

" Okay, okay, fine !" He ignores me and pushes himself between my legs.

"Call me daddy," he says, still tickling me.

"D-daddy!" I finally speak out with a chuckle and he immediately stops, as we are both panting from out of breath.

I love the space I'm in right now and I want it to last forever.

" Now come on, it's time to sleep" he gets off on top of me patting a spot beside him.

Panting, I move closer to him and turn to face him, and lay my head on top of his chest feeling his chest rising and falling back. He wraps his arm around me holding me to my place in his arms it's where I belong.

"Marie!" He whispers.

"Mmm!" I turn my head and look up at him.

"Goodnight, beautiful," he says with a wink.

" Goodnight, Jon" I chuckle.


Feeling my bare stomach being caressed by warm fingers, I move my small hands down to the hand resting on my stomach. I smile as I notice who it is, Jason.

He tightens his arm around my bare stomach and tosses a leg on top of my own.

"Good morning, beautiful!" he whispers in a husky morning voice.

" Good morning!" I stop mid-sentence with a soft chuckle.

" Don't you dare!" he playfully warns.

" Did you sleep well today?" He asks.

I nod... Since he's been sleeping with me I haven't had any nightmares in a while, I'm so thankful for this guy sleeping next to me.

He pokes me roughly "Ow, ow!" I say loudly.

" Why did you do that?" I ask, rubbing the part he poked me.

" You were lost in your thoughts, so I had to bring you back to earth" he smirks.

"You idiot!" I scolded them playfully.

Rolling his eyes and groans as he stands up and walks toward the door and winks back at me before walking out.

I lay on his bed, enjoying my peace. I did kill to wake up every morning just to be beside him. He turns my world around and I love this new sentiment.

I look up at the clock and I have enough time to get myself ready for class.

Flashes play back in my head and I ignore the feeling creeping up between my legs. I can't believe I want him again.

Shut up Marie and get yourself ready for class. I roll my eyes at my inner voice and roll myself out of his bed, his bed, wrapping myself up with his sheets.

Walking to my bedroom, I went straight to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

Getting dressed, brushed my blow-dried hair, and pulled my hair into a high ponytail. I walk out of the bedroom heading to the dining room, I don't see him did he leave without telling me?

The good smell of pancakes invades my nostrils and I drag my feet straight to the kitchen my eyes meet him but he's facing his back toward me.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your classes?" I have a question.

" I don't have any," he answers, still not looking away from what he's doing.

"Oh, okay!"

He turns and looks at me, for like two minutes mumbling.


"Um, I-I made breakfast," he says with a smile and turns to the cupboard getting two plates out.

I watch his every move as I sit on the toolbar struggling a bit until I can finally sit.

"What time is your first class?" He asks as he gives me my plate.

"In about fifty-five minutes," I say.

He nods before speaking " I'm taking you to school" he says as he sits down on the stool across from me with his plate.

Taking a fork and knife I dig into my plate and eat.

"Hmmm, did you cook this?" I ask an obvious question with food full in my mouth.

"No, I didn't," he says sarcastically.

" This is scrumptious" I moan.

"Not as delicious as you" he smirks.

I spit my milk as I feel myself turning red like a tomato.

He watches me for a while and continues " I will be picking you up after your classes" says getting up and putting his empty plate in the sink. Watching as he moves his hands washing the dirty plate.

"Okay!" I reply, standing up from the stool and handing him my plate.

" Wash that yourself," he says with a chuckle and a knock on my head before he walks out of the kitchen.

Walking back in oh, hail Greek god in just a few minutes he came back looking different.

"Like what you see?" He smirks walking past me.

I nod frantically my mouth agape.

Locking the door behind him we walk to the elevator, we both enter the elevator and it's just the two of us in it. The door dings signaling that it's closed. I turn to see Jason, who's staring back at me with a smirk.

I know that smirk and his about to do something.

Snapping out of my thoughts I feel his lips attached to mine with his hand wrapping around my waist and the other on my cheek.

That was quick….

I immediately respond to his lips on mine and my body feels like it's set on fire, I entwine my hands through his hair, slightly messing it up.

He backs me up into the wall so he's in complete control "I missed you" he mumbles with his lips still attached to mine.

The elevator door dings and it's so sad that we have to stop, couldn't it just last a little longer?

We pull apart, gasping for air and breathing heavily, I look up to Jason and his electric blue eyes are staring back into mine.

God, I love this guy…

After a few minutes of driving, we pulled up into the parking lot.

I walk out of the car and knock on his window, he pulls it down. I lean into it placing my arms above my head.

"My friend will be coming over tonight," I tell him with a grin on my face.

" Oh, baby you are breaking my heart, I had plans for tonight," he says, holding one hand over to his heart in a dramatic way.

" I'm sorry" I chuckle.

"Okay, I guess you are not turning your words back," he says.

"Nope, I'm not!" I say with puppy eyes.

"Okay, baby but I'm coming to pick you up after your classes, hope you don't have any plans cause if you do you will be canceling them." He says, putting his car on drive.

Waving at him, I turn to see eyes on me.

"Urgh! I hate attention" I mumble to myself blowing off a few strands of hair as I sigh.