The Lost Magic : Revenge of Elimen

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What is The Lost Magic : Revenge of Elimen

Read The Lost Magic : Revenge of Elimen novel written by the author Author_Enigwe on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, magic, weaktostrong, harem, overpowered. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


You killed them all! I will destroy you and make you my slave. ...................................................................... In a world where humans and mages coexisted harmoniously, a sinister uprising by jealous individuals threatened to extinguish all magic. The mighty mages, known as the chosen ones of Elimen, were forced to abandon the human realm and seek refuge in a hidden, magical world called Harz, created by Lord Valix Grunch. Under his powerful rule, the mages found solace and their existence was erased from human memory. But as time passed, Lord Valix faded into the annals of history, and a new ruling system took over Harz, leaving the future of the mages uncertain. Among them, Edward Grunch, the last descendant of Lord Valix, was born without magic, an anomaly that compelled him to flee to the human world, blending in with their society. Married to a nurse, Edward had three children, unaware that within their midst, the true chosen one of Elimen lay dormant. Mariline Grunch thought that love was all she needed to conquer all until it betrayed her dreadfully. It destroyed her and changed her into a monster. Discover the secrets, power, revenge and legacy in this captivating tale of the Chosen One of Elimen.

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Rating myself 5star because i'm the author. Being Delulu pays off sometimes. This is the first book i ever wrote in my life and i decided to pick it up from the abandoned trash and republish with a different name. Please support me with all you have got. Well that's if you wish to.


Rating this five star as well because it's interesting and written by one of my favorite authors.


you have improved it. it's becoming more and more good .


The novel is fully fantasy with pinches of romance .The lead character is a beautiful female who was mocked at by her family because she possessed the most useless powers until she realized that wasn't all. she was actually Elimen, the greatest of all mage.


good book as far as the writer is Author Enigwe 👍. I would always read it


Recommending this novel because I am loving the vibe. Can't wait for more chapters to be uploaded


Would Mari have her revenge . can't wait


Amazing novel . Wondering when we would get to the female domination part yay


update , update , update ,update . [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Great book. Keep working on it. I know it will get more attention from the readers so do your best.


Very good book. waiting for more updates


So the revenge is yet to begin? I have a bad feeling about the princes


This book is awesome I will support you in this book and I wish you will win the competition


Read this throughout the night . I'm hoping for an update


Rating this novel a 5-star. like everything about this novel and can't wait for the author to release more.


Had to leave a review for this amazing book. I like the way it started .at first I thought it is a romance novel but day by day, I don't think it is anymore


are there any updates coming soon ? author ?


I'm supporting this book with full force .


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