The Leisure Life Of The Village Doctor Book

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The Leisure Life Of The Village Doctor

Scripture Of Six Tao

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"Because of a mine that collapsed by accident, the Qingshan Village that used to be known for its coal had become an infamous village filled with widows. Yang Guang was a doctor at the Qingshan Village. His brother passed away in the accident as well, leaving his gorgeous wife and a baby daughter Yaya for Yang Guang to take care of. "Yang Guang, I think something's wrong with my body recently," the sister-in-law said. "My breasts are swelling, but I can't produce milk. Yaya keeps crying because she doesn't have milk to drink. I can't take any medicine now either. Is there anything that you can do?" "There is a solution, but I'm afraid you will think that I'm a ..." "Don't worry. I won't think bad of you. Just cure me. I can't let Yaya starve." "Alright. Why don't you lie down here? All you need is a massage." ..."


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