1 1. The First Encounter

Chapter 1; The First Encounter.

The sun shone so brightly in the sky peaking its rays into the room through the slight opening of the window and shining on a beautiful woman that was sleeping.

Disturbed by the rays of sunlight, Bella soon opened her eyes only to be welcomed by the bare body of a well built handsome man with lean muscles coming out from another door with only a piece of white towel wrapped around the lower part of his body.

The man; James stood at the edge of the bed and examined the lady who was still lying on his bed now awake and gagging at him with her mouth open.

He thought she was very adorable when he observed her beautiful face that consist of big bright looking eyes and her small lips.

Her white wash blond hair was still disheveled partly because she just woke up and partly because of the exercise they had last night.

She was very different from the other girls he always engaged himself with, she looked so innocent and yet so effortlessly sexy that James didn't mind taking her there and then again.

But he couldn't yet, he had to make sure of her plans first.

"Don't be carried away James, she's just an escort, and she's not your first so ignore her" he reminded himself before finally asking her the question he's been wanting to ask.

"What happened between us last night?"

James is a very curt and straightforward man and wanted to find out everything she remembered first before taking the next step.

Bella on the other hand was surprised by his question.

Clearly, the arrogant look on his face stated that he knew what had happened, yet he still asked her, was he trying to embarrass her?

Nonetheless, she still pretended to be thinking about it before she answered him.

She faintly remembered being at the bar drinking away her sorrow after seeing the scene of her boyfriend and her sister having an affair.

She had rushed to the bar to get drunk and forget it all, but then he approached her and they started drinking together before the memories started fainting away.

Since she didn't know the full details of what happened next, she wanted to blame him for taking her to the hotel and taking away her chastity, the only thing she had left that belonged to her, her virginity.

It was all gone now, taken by a handsome stranger who didn't seem to care about any of it.

Thinking of loosing her virginity all due to alcohol, she felt very ashamed of herself.

Bella was still thinking about what she had done when she heard a deep husky male voice ringing in the air.

"What are you thinking of? I thought you were a prostitute that's why I entered you"

She was silent, her cheeks turned a shade of red at his statement, she was both embarrassed for doing it with him and at the same time angry that he thought of her as a prostitute.

He thought that her silence was characterized by thoughts of her being very happy that she lost her virginity to him, that's why he wanted to redirect her thoughts but he didn't expect to receive the answer he got.

"What a coincidence, the same thought had just crossed my mind"

A warm smile was plastered on her face as she used his words against him and enjoyed the shocked expression on his face.

"How could this woman think of that? Is she acting innocent?" He asked himself.

But James was not an ordinary man, he was quick to recover from the shock and decided to treat the situation like an adult that he is.

"It's good that you also thought of it that way, we'll think this to be consensual and part our ways without demanding anything from each other."

After saying that, he was expecting her to roar and jump at him with insults like the other women would do, some would also ask for the next time he'll need their service, but yet again she surprised him.

"That would be the best thing, I agree with you, it's like it never happened."

How could she reply to him so carefree and casual like she had not just lost her virginity to him?

It was obvious to James that she was clearly not a prostitute, he had seen the faint blood stains on the bed and knew that it was her first time, at least a prostitute would have had some practices.

Since he just returned to the country and was celebrating a welcome Party consisting of his friend Neil and his friends in the bar.

It was supposed to be just the boys hanging out and catching up on old times at the bar, little did he know that he would suddenly fall into this woman's web.

She had seductively attacked him just when he was also getting drunk on a booth, they actually sat together by accident and they ended up becoming interested in drinking with each other and finally ended up in a hotel room.

After having an eventful night, they both just slept off until this morning when James woke up first and decided to take a shower before sending her away with a huge sun of money.

Only for him to find her even more eager to part ways with him than he was, he couldn't help but wonder what her initial motive was.

He squinted his eyes and furrowed his full dark brows and gave her a scrutinizing look, it was as if he was trying to see it written all over her face.

But Bella on the other hand looked innocent as if she was not intimidated by the look.

She stood up and ignored him then used the quilt to cover her body and hurried into the bathroom he just came out of to wash herself and dress up.

All the while, James observed her slow actions and her elegant steps.

Seeing her carefree and yet elegant attitude, he was puzzled.

He wanted to believe her to be really innocent but he still couldn't ignore the fact that she could be acting like she doesn't know anything in front of him only to corner him later.

After a minute, she came out of the shower wearing a Neutral colored oversized dress shirt with leggings that covered her long legs.

Despite the modest dressing, James could still see the protruded butt and all her beautiful curves and was almost carried away by the desire that was beginning to rise in him which was caused by just looking at her.

Feeling the slight shift of his emotions, he decided to test her as well by taking off the towel revealing his birth suit to Bella to see if she would keep acting dumb.

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