The legitimate Young Master’s Schemes Book

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The legitimate Young Master’s Schemes


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James Baron is the twenty seven year old first son of Loveth and John Baron, by default, he’s supposed to be the first young master of the Baron family, but he never got to enjoy this title for once in his life. Ever since he was small, his father; Mr. John Baron took him to live in the states alone with a nanny, then he forbade Loveth Baron his wife from visiting the ‘bastard’ son. He never believed that James was actually his son because he had caught his wife cheating on him the day before their wedding. But he loved her so much and since their union was encouraged by their parents due to business benefits, it wasn’t easy for him to cancel the wedding so he still married her and soon discovered that she was pregnant. He was totally convinced that the child in her womb who turned out to be James was not his son that’s why at a very young age, he sent him abroad to live alone without a parents love or care. So he came back to take his rightful place as the first Legitimate child of his parents, but there’s one problem. Read to find out the adventures in the story of the young masters schemes


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