The Legendary Urban Physician

Author: Wind
Magical Realism
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What is The Legendary Urban Physician

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Master of Martial Arts, adept in medical skills! Healing on one hand, romance on the other! Don't provoke my women, and especially, don't provoke me!

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5 star for just not using random image 😂


Standard Chinese trope where a hideen master returns to complete a task his Master has set. In this case it is to marry the daughter of a wealthy family and become a doctor. Of course troubles begin that (a) daughter dispises the MC as being useless and not worthy of her greatness, (b) jealous males want to bring him down a peg or two and (c) female friends of the daughter believe he is also unworthy and take all chances to belittle him. So very standard trope indeed. However the book to date (20 chapters released) is well written and engaging. I confess that sometimes I wish the MC would step up but their low profile mentality is something that seems readers prefer (no clue why?) So the MC has medical knowledge and a cultivation base and already has allies developing through beneficial interactions which will probably become part of his strength. I would be interested if this was a harem novel cause I’d like to see the female leads sister get caught up in this. Anyway, this is worth a read and should prove to be a decent book.


Is this what webnovel has fallen into? Writing Quality: MTL Story Development: Rinse and Repeat Character Design: Generic Updating Stability: 10 weeks on hold if picked World Background: Classic


Reveal spoiler


Trash. Garbage. No need to read this. Trash. Garbage. No need to read this. Trash. Garbage. No need to read this. Trash. Garbage. No need to read this


my god. with this kind of story(forced engangement, face slapping, jealous males, other chinese troupes) you need to pay to read ch14 and above?nope


Raw Please


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