930 The Prototype Plan of Three Great Calamities

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Flickering World, the Purple River Star System was one of the seven Star Systems that belonged to the Black Star Army. It was located at the edge of the Garu Star Cluster and was one of the important gateways into the Star Cluster. At this time, from the stargate of the Purple River Star System slowly sailed a huge Black Star Army fleet. This was the construction force led by Herlous.

There was a large number of Black Star Army spaceships awaiting Herlous' arrival next to the stargate station. This was originally the first exploration fleet. Now that the exploration had been completed, the same fleet was transformed into construction personnel, awaiting instructions from the higher ups.

In the meeting room of the flagship, Herlous was having a discussion with the senior officers such as Sylvia and Lagi to go through the construction plans.


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