1379 Opportunity for Sublimation, Soul Terminal

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"You said that not only did you sense the opportunity of sublimation, but the Soul Swapper also changed causing your psychic power to mutate?"

In the private workshop, Han Xiao turned around and looked at Feidin with a strange expression.

"That's right, I'm also very surprised. The Soul Connection level has increased by a level, and part of the Soul Swapper's characteristic is added to my Psychic powers. In addition, I can vaguely sense the existence of a secondary dimension, and my intuition leads me there."

Feidin shook his head in resignation.

What's with that helpless expression of yours? Why do you find it so troublesome when you've had a fortuitous encounter? Is this what it means to be favored by the heavens? How beautiful.

Han Xiao said in his mind.


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