156 One More in the Support Team

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"Retreat, set up the camp!" Lu Cheng took a deep look at Han Xiao and swept his eyes across the refugees. He let his troops pitch a camp in the distance and eyed covetously.

The players became restless. Some players who had yet to choose their side were surveying the situation. It seemed like the Green Valley Ville's side had a higher possibility of winning.

The sky became dark.

Han Xiao walked over to Lu Cheng's camp, and the guards hastily raised their guns when they saw him approaching.

"Relax, I just want to have a short discussion with your leader," Han Xiao assured them.

The guards continued to hold on to their guns and did not allow Han Xiao to enter the camp.

At this moment, Lu Cheng heard the commotion and walked over. "Let him in."


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