1072 Milestone: [Void Conqueror]

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Void Dimension was a chaotic and misty world, with gray and blue the predominant colors. Its space was filled with thick and viscous void energy.

Suddenly, the two of them seemed as though they had been put into a blender; the surrounding void energy formed a large vortex, with Han Xiao and Ames at its center.

Han Xiao raised his wariness, getting into a battle-ready state. The next moment, a mental fluctuation burst out, sweeping past the both of them, and a solemn, archaic voice spoke in their minds.

"What sort of alien creatures are you, to dare barge into my territory‽"

Just as the voice rang out, a powerful aura burst out in their perceptions. Rays of light flickered all around as countless figures appeared out of thin air, seemingly endless. They surrounded the duo.

These creatures had strange appearances, but they all carried the characteristics of a void species and wore specially-made armor.


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