1397 Group Battle's Godly Artifact and Request

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The rankings were rearranged in the Underworld, and Evans temporarily stayed behind to receive EsGod's guidance. Han Xiao then returned to the training base to train in seclusion. He used the new level of strength to upgrade all the machines under him and also studied some profound blueprints.

The dynasty was tricked, but they did not make a move. They endured and remained silent. Gaud's whereabouts were also sealed. Han Xiao did not know how the dynasty planned to deal with Gaud. Maybe they were thinking of ways to restore his ability. Anyway, it was impossible for this guy to appear in the outside world for a while.

The storm caused by his advancement to the Transcendent Grade slowly subsided. After the initial shock, the three Universal Civilizations also accepted reality and returned to their normal state.

A few days later, in the Black Star Army's private machinery factory.


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